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  1. Hammer - not melee, for DPS build - it's mostly ranged (even if only with 600 distance)
  2. Well... current Vindicator "works in practice" much worse than Willbender or Bladesworn
  3. Berserker - condi specialization, and Spellbreaker - mostly form of support, not dps 😄
  4. It's hard to remember all of FB skills, if you play with it only 1 or 2 PvP-games per month 😄
  5. +1 What would have changed if it’s have an “alpha” marker, not beta? Is it a testing ground? Yes - it’s a testing ground. What’s your problems, what are this all about? Just to troll others and Anet? Useless and wrong idea. Your only theme of discussion - “beta”, “early beta” or “alpha” - are you on developer tech-forum? Introducing new scientific and term concept to us? 😄
  6. So when we start talking about: … you can’t name even one spec for entire game history. That’s the answer to all of our discussion, I think. Every e-spec have place in meta - sometimes only minor, but… Guardian - FB as support, DH as DPS Warrior - especs playable as DPS/Half-supp Mesmer - all of especs have place in meta too Some classes can be more popular on “non-standard” position (like chrono more popular as support in previous years) - but you can effectively and uniquely play as any of this especs in one (meta) way or another. But some of
  7. Any examples?) Because I don’t know even one.
  8. People want to play as they want - but there is no connection between this and your words. People just want to play the game as they want, you want to create bad experience for them, removing them from majority of competitive players. So unlike my words, which don’t have downsides to others - your idea have a veeery big and “not fun” one. And your tries to justify this - only your own projection, which completely ignore other people wishes and comfort experience with other people.
  9. Inability to find party for fractal/raid, because it’s not meta in a slightest - cause of “lot of great experience”? Seriously? Your worlds sounds like: “You can’t play with your build with most of other people, but you can go and get some fun… somewhere else, not where you want”. Sorry, but this ideas just bad and create a horrible experience for many casual players. There is no good things in the inability to play content. Yes - no one talk about top ranking, but if you can’t play with it with other people, like in… MMO genre?.. - It’s straight up bad in every possible
  10. We all know that it’s not how this all work. You can talk about players all day long but this people still couldn’t go anywhere. And “find people who accept who you are”, before you can play game - absolutely horrible experience. And you mistakes something - GW2, as other similar games, always around meta. Not as minimum to complete content - but as a reality. Your dreams about ideal world - would create bad experience for “competitive” players and horrible for new players - who can’t find party because their spec don’t have place in current game. When you would change all the
  11. Yep, but current GS - not Revenant, but almost complete copy-paste of Warrior + Ranger skills, not only animations…
  12. Imagine that someone want to play as plague doctor - it’s his kink and dream. He find that style in GW2 Harbringer… but can’t play almost anywhere’s because spec just… weak, in comparison to others? It’s okay for you, when you have corresponding meta build or two - but what about people (even casual) who just want to play as espec, but can’t play almost anywhere with it? It’s ok for you, when people can’t play the game?:) So I know about people - because almost anyone just want to play the game with whatever he want. And for you - it’s okay as long as you (veteran player) have back
  13. So you admit that the simplicity of Virtuoso is, indeed, different from other mesmer specializations? It’s not difference. All of you just making a comparisons like between “wet” and “long”. Simplicity or new visual mechanic - not new specialisation (if we take current as minimum basis), it’s just characteristics. Not class-mechanics. Maybe with many different espec traits, that seriously modify shatters - it can be a espec mechanics, but “easy as Mesmer” - not mechanic in any way. It’s measure of gameplay difficulty. Blades, without additional new mechanics - just statio
  14. I think that main meaning in EoD strikes, and strikes at all - introduce “raids” to masses. Like a middle ground - only 1 boss, but with raid mechanics. And if I remember correctly, EoD strikes - not just open-world mechanics, but more like proper bosses.
  15. It’s 5 month before the release date. And it’s not even final beta - but teaser-reveal and first look. Yep - questionable about many placeholder elements, but it’a way too early to judge about final results of future meta. How such a crybaby can challenge competitive-modes?) It’s not even final specialisation beta and even with current ideas (not balance) - I don’t have any problems with Warrior or Necro e-specs, they’re very promising for PvP. I think that many players forget how to play after few years on spellbreakers, scourges and burst-reapers 😄
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