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  1. Hi guys I am a 62 year old (so ancient) so called vet MMO player (first one was Ultima Online, but fell in love with DAoC) who returned 2 years ago to GW2 after an almost 6 year pause and have fallen in love with this game and now have the time to play it. My biggest problem is that my reflexes and fingers are not what they used to be (the price you pay for shooting millions of 7.62 and cal. 50 rounds and running around with lots of weight and jumping out of perfectly good aircraft as a sniper/Para) so my DPS will never be right up there but I am willing to learn and above all have fun. I am t
  2. Thanks guys if it works it works, if not hey it is a beta so no worries on my part at least I have gotten a response, something no other MMO has done in a long long time .
  3. Restarted the game a few times and still nada cannot join any map, am still in the 12,204 team what ever that may be..........
  4. Got the same problem since today right out of the blue a freeze then game gone no warning no nothing.
  5. Same here actually just now twice over the water with the Manta (he has the underwater mastery as well)
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