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  1. I want to start by saying that I appreciate all the organising creating squads and running people through the meta event. It's great. However, there is an issue with leaving newer players behind, who usually don't have Skyscale, and maybe not even Griphon. So, maybe people can try to slow down a little? Even with the bonus event, there are often at least 4 or 5 minutes left. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Doable on raptor? This section requires some more direction, as it seems to be designed confuse the player (based on how every other mission before has directions), in addition to small window for success. Maybe not a bug, but it is a flaw in game design that should be fixed. "Difficulty" through obscurity is not difficulty. Yes.
  3. The window for success is too small- It's overtuned, and should be fixed.
  4. Please fix this. as it is unplayable. Why does arenanet have to design STORY missions that are so hard? Just have different modes.
  5. If I were the decision maker at a company, and someone did something that went against the company like this, I would do the same as Mike. I'd call in the employee in question, and tell them to write a public apology, and further tell them that if they chose to represent the company in a public profile, they are on the clock, even if off work. Jessica could have kept arenanet out of her profile summary, and/or made her twitter profile private. I don't support the decisision to fire Peter though, but maybe there is more to it. Anyway, I hope they find new jobs soon.
  6. This is a very strange issue. How long has this been going on? Is this an always consistent issue, like it's happening steadily all the time or is it more erratic like it doesn't happen some hours of the day?Do you have access to cable connection so you can test that?If you can't connect with a cable, do you have the ability to connect with another wifi, like with your hotspot on your phone?Also, are you running W7, W8 or W10? What is the laptop brand and model?Have there been any Windows updates lately?Is this an always consistent issue, like it's happening steadily all the time or is it more
  7. Does any other computers or phones in your house or apartment have these issues?
  8. What people are experiencing here are disconnects. People log into the client, launch the game, get the the character screen, try to enter with a character and gets disconnected, and some get disconnected at random, some get lag spikes, unable to enter (or create instances). These specific issues are in no related to the actual user. With these issues in mind, there is most definitely no way that this is an issue with players computers or their internet or network infrastructure. I'm not asking you to stop helping people. If you want to help people, that's great, do that, but I urge you to c
  9. I read your entire post. Don't tell people do a lot of random stuff thinking they can fix this. Unless they are actually having connection or router issues. Also, these issues have nothing to do with drivers, at all. I wasn't referring to your tone. I was referring to you tell people to do things that won't help at all. It will only cause them frustration.
  10. Yeah. I can stream 1080p, and I can download full speed, I can connect to anything else at top notch quality, I can transcode files, do heavy copy operation and every other intensive game works flawlessly. My guild mates are having the same issues I'm having. Please don't be so disrespectful. Bugs happen when a specific set of conditions are met, and with servers it's either down, or if it's experiencing overload some players might be dropped, while others won't be. I can't know for sure though, cause I can't actually problem solve anything here, but that is what it looks like to me here. D
  11. Same, character screen, clicked play, "unable to access login server".
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