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  1. Hot- hard, revenant, gliding, exploration Pof-portal, joko, mount, lots of mount Eod- reserach note, grinding, daily stike,empty
  2. Well in eso, if you get duplicate item, you can turn it to gem. and gem can be trade for anything from lootbox.. in GW2, you get statuette as separate drop, duplicate can be sold on trading post for gold.. stuff will get listed for statuette 6~x month later.
  3. you and me both, my friend. best bet seem to be wait for it to get listed for black lion statuette..
  4. When they announced EOD. I really get my hope up..hoping skiff would be useful.. Under water combat is coming back...sadly some of the new spec don't even work under water...I guess pof really set the bar of expectation high..
  5. i mostly use on my new character... i roll new character every once a while.. when starting anew you don't have much skill.. and turtle is definitely more fun then auto attack everything..
  6. i have meet this kind of player.. they were veteran from gw1.. They are absolutely in love with Cantha.. i tried to talk to them.. but all they are saying is "you must play gw1 to understand the lore in gw2"... when gw1 series get large discount.. i might give it a shot..
  7. Personally i think they should rework the system. Maybe complese each fractal will earn account wide AR. Doesn't have to be too much. Matbe 1 AR per fractal level. In the end after you complete all fractal new character only need 50 AR to run T4
  8. apologize, english is not my native language. Please do explain 😃
  9. Yes, you would dedicate one tab. but you are asking Rune to be implemented...right? would you consider the majority of player? or as long as you are fine with dedicate one equipment tab.. everyone else doesn't matter?? i thought you mean, you don't mind..so does majority of player.. Also when i said required.. you need 750 fishing power to fish in the hardest fishing hole in game.. yea you can go up to 250 more with skiff mastery.. but that is not always realistic when you are just random fishing..
  10. am fine with one account wide equipment tab.. can't expect too much.. can we? "but if they made the runes go into standard armor, i would totally dedicate one tab to fishing, or swap my runes out whenever i go fish. " The quote above is where i get the idea.. please do note that not everyone have legendary set. at least i don't.. btw where do you expect rune to go then? if not armour? also how would implementing rune not making other thing trivialize? current fishing power required 750 skiff (1 catch) 50 mastery 100 food
  11. i want perm lure, because its take up too much bag space. i have 30+ space dedicate to fishing..yet it just fill up my bag. i do need room for junk and fish.. am not saying they should give perm lure because people don't need it. am just saying, by making those runes they also make some other stuff meaningless. or it may be the skiff.. people no longer need to group up for fishing. yes, some fish require speicific bait. but am really talking about random fishing, not doing it for achievement. so you are saying because you want rune, they should hand out a
  12. You might have not realuze this...but we don't need a bait to fishing. Bait simply add fishing power. Currently thestbhighest fishing power we need is about 750. If they introduce a set of fishing rune. Am sure alot of people would just skip bait. There is currently 12 type of bait. And they goes in stack of 25. Really annoying to have to change bait every once a while.. As of money sink...bait cost like 6 silver per 100...its more of a trouble and inventory management then a gold sink... P.s. fishing tab is an actual equipment tab? Can youn confi
  13. Not sure about you..i rarely fight on skiff... Usually i had to jump in the water.... As of the bait.. Well we are using a bait and a lure at the same timr.. If the fish consumed our wood/metal/jade lurr.. Am pretty surr they shoudn't have the time to eaten our bait... P.s. would you really dedicate a equipment tab just for fishing?
  14. Why not stick to t1 core if you don't care?? I assume you are undefeated world champion in raid, fractal, pvp and wvw.
  15. Well.. Am there to discuss. And you just tell me that we dont need T10 and module we like to use...perhaps you should persuade all gamer to stop at t6? If you can do that, am fine with t6 for alt.
  16. Here you are telling people how they shoud play..what they really need..what are you? Some sort of wisemen/wisewomen?
  17. You like the story? There is a bird lady who fight by your side. Do you know her faction and personal story? What do you know of the speaker? The jade brotherhood? Story is short and simple. Commander zerg through, too late to stop Ankka. Then we slay another dragon... The only npc with any sort of depth is probably Rama...please correct me if am wrong... P.s. just in case if you don't know...Soo Won is not the first dragon we slay . however... She could be the last...i hope she is the last dragon we had to murder...
  18. Not so sure about fishing rune set... Sound like a bad idea.. Instead i w like lure to be made permanent.. Jade bot and fishing items have their own storage and are account wide
  19. Next do 80 level 10 core. Along side 80 set of module. Include those require meta/lootbox/strike for te upgrade
  20. Its really anet's fault..jade maw scale terribly. When there are 10+ player, the event become almost impossible to complete I hope they implement a fix soon.
  21. You are wrong!!! it is common knowledge that EOD is the worst expansion. There is already a poll that prove it.
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