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  1. Quoted everything and everyone I agreed with about this expansion. It didn't hit the mark and because of the real world political creep into the game, I've decided that I won't be pre-ordering the next expansion. If the next xpac isn't back to just spinning an interesting story about Tyria without real world hot topics, then I'll just uninstall the game entirely. Until the next xpac drops, I've resolved not to purchase anything from the gem store until I see where the game direction is going. Just my opinion though.
  2. Having experienced the VOIP mess that was in New World I have to give a firm, no thanks for this idea coming to GW2.
  3. I can't define what a house is. I'm not an architect. /s
  4. I joined [Walk] and have been going to the meetings. Really chill group.
  5. I've noticed there are plush toys or minis in the game. Could the "fur" be made of plush and if so could we just hunt plush toys for the boots? 🤔 Whatever the method I'm supportive.
  6. I definitely second anything that would get me new skins in the game. I hear that fashion is the true end game and as a new player, I'm sorely unprepared for it.
  7. That sounds like a good deal. I don't have any goals in mind other than experiencing the game to the fullest before the new xpac drops. I do have another concern though. The prayer meetings seems like an awesome thing but I've always been the type to pray in privacy. I'd be happy to join the prayer meetings but does that mean I'll have to pray out loud or openly share personal prayers?
  8. Congratulations on releasing the final product. I'm not a huge RPer myself, but I've always seen why people enjoy it. I might install this and give RPing an honest try in GW2.
  9. I'm new to the community, but this has got to be the most bittersweet and wholesome thing I've ever seen. I'm sorry for your loss, may his memory live on forevermore.
  10. Showed my wife this as she's a huge Phantom of the Opera fan. She gives you two thumbs up. Just realized I necro'd this thread. Not sure if that's a big no-no on here like other forums, but my mistake.
  11. Amazing video! 👀 This has me excited for End of Dragons to drop.
  12. I literally just got the game. My first taste of an MMO was New World but I can't say that it was a good taste, you know? The game wasn't all that great and the community was, um, interesting. I did learn from New World that I don't want to be a part of another company that cusses a whole lot. I play in the living room where the rest of my family is and I don't need everyone looking my way when someone in coms is dropping f-bombs. The death stare from the fam isn't comfortable. I like that your company is already looking to future games. I like the idea of going into AoC with a com
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