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  1. lmao ppl really overdramatize Good job with the development, your leadership and communication is admirable..
  2. To be fair I was fooling myself into thinking that the progress is so slow coz it was a side project of one single dev doing it to take a break from current work. Oh how gullible it sounds now...
  3. I'm glad we had those 3 weeks of beta tests so that after almost 6 months we could conclude there is a queue bug. Development speed is through the roof!
  4. After 2 months my weekly bumps were deleted and got a warning, so I guess I need to try a bit harder.
  5. AFK farmers appreciate this approach.
  6. People wanted a gOlmEanCer eNginEeR and ANet delivered.
  7. UI in general is getting messier and messier, effect icons bar in particular. I really dont need to see banners & story effects mixed with boons and conditions on my enemies and allies in WvW.
  8. weekly bump. Yes, true. But we still know nothing. Fixing an extremely elusive bug may take a week or 6 months. Next beta this month? This year? What is the status?
  9. You clearly don't have much experience if you say nobody uses Fumigate which is a godly cleanse on your party members, especially for support scrapper in WvW. And pretty much every holo in PvP uses Elixir H. Elixir X was used 50/50 on par with supply crate. And no, Firearms is not fine, the whole traitline needs a rework coz it's a mess of power and condi traits with grandmaster being absolute disaster.
  10. weekly bump. I'll just be doing this until we get anything.
  11. Ranger is designed around having a pet. Lots of skills can break stun on both of the player and the AI, the pets gets a lot of boons etc. Meanwhile Engi indeed does have an AoE stun break, but it's on a toolbelt skill, so lmao.
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