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  1. I'm guessing it'll have a separate skill to deal structural damage to gates and walls but will need supply for each shot..
  2. More casual players who started playing WvW for the legendary armor, or get the warclaw unlocked would probably like to see a substantial amount of WXP, or Skirmish Claim Tickets, or maybe a few daily potions that fill up the reward track progress. Players who play the gamemode just because they enjoy it... That's tough. I don't care for any currency or WXP, also 1.5k daily potions in the bank devalues any reward track for me. Maybe some tonics (what happened to this?), finishers, skins? I'd also give an arm and a leg to get Gift of Exploration in WvW, or something that makes it e
  3. Looks like lots of people having trouble.
  4. Holy molly, that is absolutly GIGANTIC change, amazing addition.
  5. Funny how scrapper got the support job while most of the supportive stuff comes from core engi...
  6. A kind reminder to ArenaNet, that Engineer is able to **not** take an elite specialization line and, just like any other profession, use a core spec.
  7. Pure glass, he has as much survivability as an unvaccinated child and will die from a sneeze. He most likely pre-casts a lot of stuff from stealth and switches skills, like the rocket toolbelt skill from rocket turret, possibly the charr racial toolbelt skill too, needs a ton of preparations to pull off this kind of move.We'll probably see this clip in 6 months in some kind of pro roaming montage after he gathers enough footage for 5-minute video. Scrapper has similar dmg modifiers to holo, but doesn't relie on p-forge and heat. If fact, just chugging+throwing Elixir U gives you almost everyt
  8. So current is a forecast, and previous is current. Got it. Sounds normal.
  9. Victory points do not match between WvW main panel and WvW match history.
  10. There are as many people that see that map as "best map".Alpine environment is boring. Tower & keep lords are basically damage sponges, might as well put a training dummy in their place.We can just exchange arguments like that over and over again. If the game launched with desert instead, people would hate on alpine.I would like to see double alpine removed and 3rd map introduced.
  11. Maybe like literally anything for World vs World? Most of my guild moved to ESO already, for the love of God, do anything,
  12. Hello, I am looking for historical data of WvW, in particular how servers moved between tiers thorough the time. Does anybody know if such data is available somewhere? I already contacted wvwstats and gw2wvw devs (or people who are described as "contacts"), but I didn't see them online for days and am not sure if they even play.I'd appreciate any tips on how to find such data. Thanks in advance!
  13. Scrapper overperforming in WvW? Oh boy better nerf core engi! Too many of them around!
  14. Piken Square, full server stuck in T1 occasionally dropping to T2...GETS A LINK?! IS THIS A JOKE?Not only any link, Blacktide. Blacktide, which we get like 80% of the time there's a relink.Meanwhile servers who were linked and struggled to climb up, now get unlinked and left alone.I. Do. Not. Understand. Those. Choices. (Seriously, you'd make more money leaving us alone and letting us drop so people transfer off.)
  15. What about WvW? And PvE? I know WvW had a huge balance patch today too (1 change, for engi), but can we have some discussion on that?
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