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  1. I'll elaborate to you what does that mean. running with 12k hp. To land backstab is difficult, and usually it ends with 8k of dmg. Meantime you eat all condi dmg, all AOE, CC. Spend most defences and initiative. Thief is not weak, I never said that. All I say that every class now is a thief. Every class can have oneshot builds, every class is mobile, has access to stealth or reveal. To survive all this - stealth is not a remedy. So stop saying that Thief + stealth is something OP. It is not. I met lots of good players with certain builds who eat me for breakfast on 1 v 1. And the
  2. Some statements sound illogical. You come to public game mode and so many "I do not". This is social part of GW2 and you can easily control it. All can be kind, rude, tell you all kind of things. But only you can decide how to react. I roam whole time and never had problems with tags, being outnumbered, corpse jumps, or sieges. Kill/die/respawn/repeat. that's what I do. That's what this game mode is about, and I love it. Class balance? oh no it requires no special balance. Fun sandbox, experiment. WvW is not for everyone and that's how it should be.
  3. Oh my, oh my... just play any AOE, CC, Condi, tank class with reveal and it's done. I play classical thief. To even hit a target from stealth is like collecting 5 different conditions, spending half or more initiative. Every class is a thief now. Mobile, has high dps, and especially AOE dmg. Thief, stealth is not a problem. Issue is when diversity is lost. Every class can not be equal, and there is no best build to kill anyone. Short answer: make a thief and try to survive. P.S. I love killing DEs :). They die so easily from a one shot thief build.
  4. Yeah, Seen Nebzie some month ago while roaming UW :). Nice memories.
  5. My pain is fighting in Towers/keeps with open wall and not being able to use Steal/Shadowstep/IA through a wall hole. 8 ini for IA is painful but still can live with it.
  6. I play thief for like... 8years in WvW. The only thing that needs to be removed from thief is teleport. Then DE or DrD or whoever can hide in keeps as much as they want.
  7. In wvw you hire thief to kill thief while you killing innocent Sentry. You can also try to play thief to understand mechanics. Thief has active gamestyle. Knowing it's mechanics will help you understand rhythm of thief. Knowing rhythm, you will know when to evade, when to heal or use other skills to pin thief down. Still it won't be easy to kill good player. Both due to skill and build combo.
  8. Thank you. It helped me to understand what Obi Wan Kenobi meant about "The high ground".
  9. Hacking is spreading. Anet should address it. Met few on our foe server. Perma speed, high HP pool thief. Blocked him but no username appeared in block list. It's no fun to play against hacker and not be able to report.
  10. Great, that proves thieves are not broken :). We can close thread now. Cya in field Lions. Honestly speaking, that's just the nature of the Thief. But the Cat-vs-Mouse game isn't limited to Thieves and GW2. The same concept is easily experienced in flight sims. Take the WWII era for example. You have slower turn-fighters such as the Spitfire, Hellcat, Bf109, and Zero, then you have the faster energy-fighters like the Mustang, Focke Wulf 190, Corsair, and Thunderbolt... The entire basis of an energy-fighter's strategy was to come in on a target from a higher altitude so it would be going so f
  11. Hi, Does game has a skin which would be unstable, looks like blurry/ghostly on a move? Can be dyed dark. Any ideas?
  12. I do not say it's hard life to be a thief. What's most important and what I like about this game it's RPG. Ability to craft your character to match yourself and your game style. Not to mention that every crafted class/build mix can have pros/cons fighting some other class/build. I always played D/P thief/DD because I love fast pace, I love to be in centre of action. Stealth and initiative helps me to control battlefield, play on my own pace. I like attacker classes with ability to control. Everyone is welcome to play thief/DD/DE. But today I see only few thieves in Europes (UW) enemy servers
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