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  1. It's OK I guess , but it takes the fun out of dying a slow death and I miss the belly rubs .
  2. NO. I don't like being forced into a single pew pew role . And the last patch forced the ranger further into a corner. I want to contribute to the group more and not just a tag sniper .
  3. ANET devs are only catering to a very small group of elitist streamers that run META battle . If you not META , you just don't count . God forbid anyone else has any fun .
  4. If at any time you receive hateful , racist , harassing or threatening messages that is in direct contravention of the game rules , take a screen shot of the conversation and submit a ticket and report . I'm sure that a character name can be cross referenced to an account by ANET. Salty comments about play style are one thing , but personal hateful messages are another . If people get so angry that they need to resort to this type of behaviour need to log off and cool off .
  5. OH so Electrified Net is ok ? Besides that bug was fixed May 17, 2016 Fixed a bug that allowed multiple triggers of this trait on a single target.
  6. I really wish people would think before they jump on a band wagon about how "over powered" Ranger skills are Ancient Seeds requires prerequisites and is profession specific and is ONE SECOND immobilize . Look at other immobilize from other classes and it's no more powerful . In fact many have longer duration's and shorter cool downs that do not require a prerequisite or are not profession specific . By peoples thinking it should have a 20second cool down at least . That would mean that any immobilize should have a 10 second cool down for every 1 second of immobilize . . What about Ze
  7. "The ranger is a potent damage dealer. We've seen that Soulbeast has extreme burst damage potential, and unfortunately in this case, this has helped create some very homogenous group compositions." I doubt that the ANET understands the meaning of homogenous .(composed of things that are the same kind , similar , equivalent , alike) I'm of-course assuming they mean the "PEW -PEW" But when you consider the changes to retaliation to resolution this essentially negates the effectiveness of condition ranger , spirit ranger , and trapper ranger . So how exactly does this change a group
  8. I suppose ANETs thinking is ranger has plenty of pulls so why fix path of scars . Problem is Prelude slash is barely a pull since its range is only 300 and although Fang Grapple has a 1200 range , it fails 99.9% of the time simply because the pet is always out of position making it slow and unpredictable . Snap to target for Path of Scars is just as useless because line of sight is lost and won't target because that's also far to slow . So if you actually land a hit with Path of Scars , you should immediately by a lottery ticket because your the luckiest person in the game . .
  9. Many times people shout out for a tag . When one does only a couple people join let alone getting in comms . So why bother when theirs less stress roaming..Another problem , that wasn't mentioned in the poll , is tag watching . This happens more than you think . That's why many tags go private .
  10. Reported that ranger by Support Ticket and supplied undeniable picture proof of what he was doing. Haven't seen that person since . Just doing a report bott in this case wouldn't work because nobody could target the hacker . Go with a Support Ticket and supply as much picture proof as you can . Video proof would be even better . A support ticket allows you to add evidence where the quick report does not. By hovering your cursor over the orange dot in the mini map , it showed that the person was many units below ground.But it still leaves me wondering as to how much of a waste of space
  11. Wrong! Don't try to mislead people. Pulls all foes within the radius on a vector passing through the centre of the Temporal Curtain. When temporal curtain is put on the edge of the wall , into the void will pull people (through the centre of where temporal curtain was placed ) off the wall.The description of function has been like that since 22 October 2018‎
  12. Into the Void is not the only pull that is overly obnoxious . Hunter's Verdict is just as bad . And people that defend these 2 skills should remember that prior to April 19, 2016 Path of Scars was also considered over powered and look what happened to it . It's so severely dysfunctional now it's nearly impossible to do a pull . Sure it has a range of 1200 but it's a single pull of 450 with pathetic damage and requires to much extra key binding to even have a small chance to work . A 1200 pull with Hunter's Verdict is ridiculous with no evade and no block with up to 5 targets. To many
  13. Really don't know what difference it will make because the same band wagoners will still freely transfer to the biggest blob servers links , completely negating the purpose of the linking system anyway .Fix the transfer system and I might get excited about re-links .
  14. Catmander tags should get twice as much as ordinary tags because of the extra effort taken and the coolness factor.
  15. Power , precision , critical chance , and ferocity do very little to nothing in a SB condi build . I would concentrate more on toughness and vitality and less on power and precision . Shamans , Trail Blazers , Dires or Plaguedoctors would be a better choice . These will give you a much higher DPS than a combination of condition . expertise ,power and precision in your build . They would also add defence at no extra cost. Magnanimous Crystals would give an added benefit . Spiders , Iboga or Wyvern give an added benefit over Bristelback.Since fury does little without a high critical or p
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