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  1. Hi all, just letting you know that we're looking into this!
  2. Hi all, we are aware of an issue with the last step of the collection for the Zhaitan legendary weapon variants. We know a lot of you are eager to complete the collection and we are working on a couple of updates to this event chain to help with that. We will be changing the collection step to require that you defeat the Risen High Wizard or successfully hold the Gates of Arah. We plan to ship these changes with the June 7 game update. Thanks for your patience while we work on this!
  3. Just in case anyone missed the update, we shipped a fix for this yesterday afternoon. Thank you all for flagging this!
  4. Hi all, I have flagged this for the team! Thanks for providing so much info here--I've directed the right people to view this thread.
  5. Hi all, I have let people know about this and they're looking into it to try to figure out what's going on.
  6. Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with someone about this yesterday and they are looking into it. Thanks for continuing to bump this thread, and thank you for being patient--I know this is an irritating issue that's been around for a long time.
  7. Hello all, I've been checking on a number of outstanding bugs, including this one. Just letting you know that we are aware of this and working on it!
  8. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that caused the Aether Visor to not display properly on characters using light armor.
  9. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that prevented Aetherblade events in Bloodtide Coast from awarding more story progress than normal events during the "Sky Pirates" episode. Fixed a bug that prevented the Aetherblade Assassin achievement from progressing. Fixed an issue in which certain achievements in Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook were incorrectly awarded to players without challenge mode active. Fixed an issue in which completing Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook with challenge mode active did not award players with the appropriate rewards. Fixed an issue in which the nam
  10. 05/24/2022—May 24 Release Notes Living World Season 1—Sky Pirates In the wake of the climactic events of the Personal Story, schemes begin to come to fruition behind a festival. As the city of Lion's Arch gathers to celebrate the defeat of a dragon, whispers reach the Pact commander of a looming threat to the recent peace. Team up with Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade for the first time, and work together to uncover the mysterious culprits! After years of being unavailable, the "Sky Pirates" episode of the Living World story line has been restored and restructured as a linear Sto
  11. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented achievements for the Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard challenge mode from being awarded to all eligible players in the squad.
  12. Passing on some more replies from James! "Thanks, yes I am aware of some refraction effects not looking right. Those should be fixed soon." "I think what's happening is that when you switch to windowed, the window's rendering size is still the same, so the title bar is essentially clipped off the top of the monitor. As a workaround you can use "windows key + arrow key" to move the window to somewhere you can grab it." "Please keep sending us differences you see. Thanks for the note regarding Glide-R-Tron, I was able to reproduce that, it should be fixed soon."
  13. Oof that's not great, sorry about that everyone! I flagged this for people.
  14. From James: "Thanks for pointing this out. I will try to address it. I think its supposed to work such that the game renders at the selected scale, and the UI is always at the monitors' native resolution." Also from James! 😄 "If you leave the in-game slider at 1.00 it makes the post processing "gamma correction" pass essentially a pass-through that has no visual impact. It's really just doing finalColor = color * sliderNumber on every pixel." This is something we're tracking.
  15. 05/10/2022—May 10 Release Notes World Polish Fixed an issue in which certain event NPCs would use mount-specific animations while emoting, causing them to clip through the floor in Seitung Province. Fixed an issue in which certain event NPCs were using the incorrect model in relation to their voice in Seitung Province. Fixed an issue in which mounting in certain parts of the Zen Daijun Temple in Seitung Province would cause the player to be teleported to the start of the Spirit Vestibule maze. Rebalanced the experience and loot distribution within the "Clear out the
  16. Hi everyone, I have a message from our Senior Graphics Programmer James Fulop. Read on! Hey all, James Fulop here, Senior Graphics Programmer for Guild Wars 2. I'm here to give an update on how a couple of the graphics options behave differently between DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. The main difference is the DirectX 11 graphics backend doesn't implement exclusive full-screen options in the same way as DirectX 9. This then creates knock-on effects with the Refresh Rate and Full-Screen Gamma slider options. Exclusive Full-Screen To be clear, when I talk about exclusiv
  17. Hi all, I checked in on this and wanted to let you know that people are working on it! You can keep an eye on this page for any updates that come in.
  18. Hi all, I passed this on to people to take a look. I'm sorry this has been happening--I'll update as I'm able!
  19. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused Molten Alliance events in Diessa Plateau to become stuck with their Flame Legion Portal or Dredge Carrier in an invulnerable state. Fixed a bug that prevented players who started the "Flame and Frost" story while in Super Adventure Box from receiving the initial mail. Fixed a stall that occurred in the "Flame and Frost" story if players switched to a different story after receiving a quest mail but deleted the mail before reading it. To fix this for affected players, story steps requiring that a mail be read will now also complete if a playe
  20. Hi all, if you are stuck and you haven't yet, please submit a support ticket so we can get you unstuck and get information on the issue. Please include in the ticket where you are stuck: In the queue, in the match, etc.
  21. Just a quick update that we've narrowed down the cause of this issue, so we're getting closer to a fix!
  22. Sorry this is happening, everyone. I've raised a (very calm) alarm and will update you as I'm able!
  23. Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue that allowed one of the enemies in the Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout challenge mode to die sooner than intended. Fixed a bug that prevented certain treasure chests from appearing when players interacted with an open-world rock gadget in the Echovald Wilds. Fixed an issue that prevented Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout achievement eligibility effects from remaining active. Fixed a server crash.
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