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  1. I don't preorder games and didn't buy the expansion as what it offered didn't really appeal to me that much. At this point I suspect I won't.
  2. I didn't pre-order but that's mind-bogglingly awful if true
  3. It provided quite a bit of information but no rationale as to why it was desirable to remove mystic coin rewards from CMs. That I could see, anyway.
  4. It seems likely that the majority of players have never even attempted a Fractal CM; the number of mystic coins coming from that route could even be less than for daily anomaly. I'm not a Fractal CM player but I can't find a single good reason to nerf fractal rewards. Surely difficult content (such as Raid CMs, Fractal CMs and yes, Strike CMs) should all be rewarding? Otherwise you're just reducing the variety of rewarding content in the game.
  5. I disagree, a new paid expansion or dlc is a good time to re-evaluate how you feel about a game. It can be pretty easy to go with the flow, especially you're getting content like living story episodes that you only need to log in for. GW2 has been around for almost a decade. Are you still having fun? Enjoying the story? Are you getting the kind of content you were hoping for? If the answer is yes, fantastic. If it isn't, no harm in waiting to see. A pre-order typically gets you little of real value. For me it's not so much about the purchase price, which isn't a lot for me honestly
  6. For the third time in the last two weeks, the ley-line anomaly event has failed to award a mystic coin. This is despite me actively participating in the event, including landing damage on the anomaly itself. I am only completing the event once in a 24h period. All of the failed rewards have been while playing revenant and on the Iron Marches map. The character is not just parked in that map, I am doing dailies and other content with it including WvW.
  7. Nothing wrong with holding off the purchase until you're sure. I don't generally preorder games. I'll await with interest the early adopters to see whether I want to dive in, or prioritise other games coming out around February. I'll most likely play EoD eventually.
  8. The reward structure is behind the times in terms of the GW2 economy and also the costs of obtaining rewards with tickets vs earning them in other areas of the game. I have lots of tickets but to spend them I also need memories of battle, a stack of which last I checked is around 40-50g, and for armour grandmaster marks in addition. So I can use my tickets but there is an opportunity cost in doing so. Unless you want the legendary precursor armour it’s often more cost-effective to craft armour or weapons directly and ignore the tickets altogether. A similar issue affects mistborn tri
  9. Standard character models for PvE please (as can be selected in WvW and sPvP).
  10. As mentioned in another discussion, one possibly fairly easy win would be to allow some of the hairstyles to be used on both male and female characters. All my characters are either Charr or Asura, and I’d like more sensible hair and cosmetic options for Charr (some of the current hairstyles seem to be for comedy value only). I’d also like the mount scaling looked at. I’m actually avoiding making new Charr characters because they look silly sitting on the mounts. Asura I’d also like to see a greater variety of skin tones and hairs without massive bows or adornments.
  11. Agreed. I was using a makeover kit recently and thought this was a weird decision. I'd like the option to use that hair on female Asura, as you say it's one of the available styles unadorned with bows and stuff.
  12. I sure hope not. I’ve already spent time unlocking all the mounts and Arenanet made the decision to extend their use to every zone. I’d be pretty unhappy if mounts were disabled to force use of the skiff. The skiff and turtle need to be worth using alongside the existing mounts.
  13. Pretty much right away. The writing would be on the wall and putting a lot more time or money into the game wouldn't feel worthwhile.
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