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  1. With the festival approaching I would like to make a request for a LUCK vendor to trade with. Since I capped my magic find I'm accumulating stacks of luck. Those luck (points?) represent time played and should offer some value to us veterans as much as they offer incentive to people still working toward the cap. I'm suggesting a vendor that trades stacks of 500 point lucks for w/e is deemed appropriate.
  2. Anet has a Huge PR issue with the decision to not tease an expansion at the end of s4. Expansions are the lifeblood of MMOs.
  3. Was a nice surprise when I logged on Tuesday. <standing with heroic pose hands on hips, cape blowing dramatically in the wind> Good Job Anet!
  4. Rangers are to GW2 what Hawkeye is to the Avengers. He’s got some tricks but let’s be real you want Thor or the Hulk in the fights.
  5. MMORPG players expect expansions. Gamers that choose to invest 1000s of hours into these games will never be happy without expansions. It goes with the territory. Anet knows this but seems stuck in a divergent creative mentality. Most times it’s better to give the customer what they expect, especially true with MMOs. Not dissing on the Living Story stuff, I enjoy the episodes. But let’s be honest here, an expansion would be much more exciting.
  6. The racials is just fluff abilities. If they became stronger, they would lead to people rolling only that race or having it demanded by raids. Anet have been quick to nerf racials if they became too good. True, locking actually useful skills behind races miiiight have been barely acceptable if done on release*, but not 7 years later. At this point it would be unacceptable. *probably still not, thoughI would argue the opposite point. The game is in a very different place in its life cycle. Now may be the perfect time to revisit early balance design in the name of fun. Norn Animal Forms changed to an elite kit/toggle as an example. With mounts wvw raven dash would not be op and we have healers now so bear would not be too tanky. The game is getting old. Think outside the box.
  7. With the new Saga focused on the Norn do you guys think racial skills should be updated? I’m suggesting Norn animal forms be changed into an elite kit. Toggled on and off. Perhaps even tied to masteries. Obviously Charr and the other races could get the same treatment when narratively appropriate.
  8. Gw2 tries too hard not to be like other mmos. Sometimes that works but quite often anet shoots gw2 in the foot trying to do things differently. This no expansion thing is a good example of that. Anet is also predictably awkward with public relations.
  9. Turn Eotm back into the ktrain mode. Give pips. Enable warclaw and gliding. The works. It’s basically pve while flagged for pvp. The game is aging. Why waste the assets when people enjoy farming that mode.
  10. Deadeye tend to be low skill on average. Most DE are easy to kill or they just run around off point trying to do DE things. That said a good DE can be lethal but you don’t run into many of those.
  11. Anet won’t be able to balance wvw. The players will always work hard to leverage any advantage. We the players work against anet when it come to balance. All those “fite guilds” bandwagon to stack fotm servers is a good example of this.
  12. I would quit playing gw2 once it stops entertaining me. Btw, it’s happened twice since beta but I always end up coming back.
  13. Play fotm builds based on poor balance. People will say you win because your cancer. They will be right but you will be happier.
  14. Halloween then a few gemstore patches. Christmas and New Years thing. Early 2nd week in January for Icebrood saga. Pure speculation obviously.
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