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  1. More importantly: why are they wasting resources keeping GW1 on, instead of shutting it for good?
  2. I destroyed that ring, any way to get another copy?
  3. 2 extra zeros...because it's just a skin, not another legendary weapon.
  4. I followed this video and it worked just fine. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LfaY9t-pFXg
  5. I just want to know before trying dx11, is it heavier for a pc to handle than dx9? I mean is it like going from low graphic to high graphic settings? I don't want to risk messing up my pc.
  6. Because after you get it, you'll ask: " Why use Raptor and Springer if I have the Skyscale?".
  7. Start reading Berserk, now! You will thank me later.
  8. I don't know about the first 2 points because I didn't test them, but you're wrong on the 3rd point about saltwater fishes. I went to Sparkfly Fen today post patch and I mostly found saltwater fishes from holes, so many that I was able to find the last 2 I was missing in 30 min. It is definitely a huge buff, thanks Anet!
  9. Just ask support if you are eligible for a grace period instead of starting drama on botters.
  10. We have skimmer, turtle and skiff for water. We have glider, griffon and skyscale for air. We have rest for land. Next step is a mount/device for digging and moving underground! Not like Sonic Tunneling Tool which is a scam.
  11. Of course there is. Fishing's purpose is to make someone angry and frustrated after trying for DAYS to catch the last 2 fishes for Avid Saltwater. 🤬
  12. I never liked mesmer (chrono and mirage) but I started to like Virtuoso.
  13. Maps: 9, I love the landscape of every map (Seitung being my new favourite map of all gw2) metas are fun too, even DE it's hard but epic, only Echovald is a no because it's bad to navigate. Masteries: 4, the worst selling point of EoD, none of them changed the playstyle like gliding or mounts did, and I especially dislike how they made fishing. New Specs: 8, I like most (just not all) of the new specs. New Weapons/Armors: 7, a few nice/particular skin but most are average. It gets 1 bonus point for having introduced the 3rd leg weapons set. Total: 7/10.
  14. Maybe not directly a legendary ring but just the precursor.
  15. I agree with this one, the minigame goes against what fishing should be: a relaxing activity.
  16. Any news on this subject? I'm missing the last statuette and I've opened quite a lot of chests.
  17. For the 10th birthday gift we must not have less than a legendary weapon of choice! Account bound of course.
  18. "I spent 150$ on keys" And here is why I think Belgium did a really kind move in respect for its people.
  19. If you feel insulted just for this, I really recommend you not to play the famous "Real World" game.
  20. To add on that, guild halls maps don't close so we don't risk to lose fishing stacks there. I hope it gets addressed.
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