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  1. No it is not quite clear at all. For anyone on my server it is very unclear how we where counted as full, since we are mostly outnumbered every where and at prime we maybe have 5+ queue on one border. And don't pull the kitten that i don't know. I know my server i been on it for 8 years i might not know everybody in person but i know everybody who is playing frequently on it and when they play. And consider we where opened on Tuesday my words was very valid and correct whilst you just want to try and slap your version on top of me without even having a clue because the way you tal
  2. I get pisses because my server get no link twice as many times as any of the other EU servers. I get pissed that 3 servers get NO link every relink and falls down to tier 5 and claims to be full even though there are no queue at all, not even on freaking prime time. And you might feel that servers do not matter because you might not be on a server where anyone care. I am on a server were we DO care and never stopped doing so. There are also other servers with comunities. I am sorry that you lost yours and dont feel you have a home, but others do so dont speak for them when you wan
  3. People already said it. Do you want to join a server for World v World and play with your friends there? If so then i understand your frustration. But if you only want to play with them in PvE then hit have zero matter what server you are joining. Only region counts, NA or EU. All servers are mega servers inside of the region. So you can play together with anyone you want too, server choice is not stopping you, it only stops you if you are asking about WvW.
  4. Exactly this! Right now it is Arena Net who decide what server will have a active and healthy WvW and who will not. And if there was some sort of reason to actually be in tier 1 like you wint something then everybody would scream bloody murder because it is matchmanipulation in the first degree. But since there is no reason to be in tier 1 noone seem to care. Also the fact that Gandara is without link more often then any other server and AGAIN is locked for a long period even though we are constantly outnumbered and our large prime queue did not show up until 21.30 today in which 6
  5. I played the game for 20 k hours. So yes i know exactly what is going on in the game and how to find info. My problem is again there is the minimal of minimal info, mean while the comunity, youtubers, twitch and so on is trying the very hardest to hype up the game.and get new players to take notice of it. Meanwhile again Arena Net do the very smallest part of it when it should be the other way around. Someone refered to this link https://www.guildwars2.com/en-gb/news/return-to-living-world-season-2-story-begins-may-25/ It was posted the 18th May. The new event started at 1 Ju
  6. Today we got 2 new free chapters and fractal rush going. Why is there no interaction with the players about it? No hype, no tells about what fractal rush is and how fun we should have doing it. There is only silence. Yes i know there is news a week back about last weeks chapters, but that was last week, why not every week when new things are comming? A forumpost, reddit post and on the news side, something!
  7. So relink happen and where you would not think it could be worse, it is now worse. Gandara, SFR and BB without a link. SFR is already dropping down to tier 5 and i mean the spectacle of Anet placing Gandara in tier 1 without a link and keep it closed i don't even know where to start on that one. Was links decided due to the event PvE week before relink? Because both SFR and Gandara do not have the population to keep us close. And why do you even keep servers closed when they have no link. How is that even a defendble action? Looking at the rest of the servers and tiers, ALL of thos
  8. Well a bit more then a year ago EU WvW had a lot of full and high populated servers. For each relink Arena Net is crashing EU even more. For us who been here for years and years it is very obviouse that Anet do not understand WvW in EU which result in bleeding out servers and people leaving. This was why i wrote this post in the first place because if you look at how NA looks now server wise https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World that is how EU looked back then. For each relink it goes in to a worse state then the one before and my call out was not me whining it was me trying to
  9. The restrictions on the national servers was removed and can be paired with international servers. So it is not a issue and i obviously thought they did so to try and fix WvW in EU but it did not happen yet.
  10. You dont have to do any of that you just lance a guard and then move on since you wont get knocked off your mount.
  11. People did complain because they gave two links to a already high populated server. At this point in EU there are very few full servers so how far do you have to think to realise ok i don't have to give the highest populated servers the highest populated links. At this points all of us in EU know what servers and links works with eachother and not. We all know what server will abandone their server if they get the "wrong host" or no link and kept closed. It is very predictable, so Arena Net should be able to predict this too unless they don't use the dart method to distrubute links. They shoul
  12. This is actually gonna be about WvW in EU. NA do not suffer the same way as EU is now so please keep this in mind. In EU right now we have 5 tiers. NA also had 5 tiers long ago but they removed that so that all hosts in NA have a link. For some reason and i am not gonna add all the ideas we WvW players have about this, but for some reason tier 5 is kept in EU and every relink 3 host ends up with no link and kept closed and pushed down to tier 5 and stay there for 60 days. Being closed is always bad, being closed in tier 5 is absolutely utterly terrible. You as a server can not do anything abo
  13. My problem is not a problem but something that have been talked about for soon to be 9 years in which i played support ele in WvW and raids and GvG and anything else and then later on Support Tempest. During all this years we have raised the question why do other support not get loot through hps as you do in other games. After about 6 years i think it was or was it 5? I can't remember now they sort of added something where you first had to damage and then if you heal you get participatiion. And if you actually do play support in the way you said and the way i always done which is
  14. I played support ele for soon to be 9 years. I played it in groups, zergs, blobs, gvg's and everything inbetween. I always had less lootbags because i always focused on making sure my team was ok rather then aiming for lootbags and wxp. So when we brought this up during the years i could not see the outrage from Firebrands supporting our cause. But now this is suddenly a huge problem because it is them suffering?
  15. So i ask again why is this different for Firebrand but not for those who played support who never had retal for all this years and there for always had less loot? What makes firebrand so special?
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