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  1. I am getting extremly frustrated by people not getting how this is also effecing your wvw. In fact it effects all players in EU. It is not effecting NA because NA have links to all hosts. And this is where the problem starts. EU have 5 tiers and 3 servers too many. And because of that, there will always be 3 hosts that do not get a link. ALWAYS. So instead of solving THIS issues which is the 5 tiers instead of 4 Anet decide about our matches whilst in NA players decide. What do i mean with that. Ok so am gonna be blatantly clear and to do that i want to place us in a position where
  2. Would be nice if they actually came and played with us for a week and i dont meant to zerg or blob, not that we have that but to really play all parts of wvw and see how much extra effort we have to put in to make sure our comunity do not break .It is exhausting and i would like for them to feel it too. So Arena Net me and friends are running on homeborder every day to look after it and kill whats there always outnumbered in fights. Come and join us and do the things we do and see for your self how exhausting it is to fight 4 servers at the same time with only us. We are all very friendl
  3. It does not matter what link you get, it is the fact that guilds and friends and new players are able to move to a link so that they can play together with guilds, friends and others. Imagine you are in a raiding guild. Now imagine your servers is a host that is closed for 370 days and before that 270 days, and only 2-3 times a year you get a link. How is your raiding guild gonna recruit and get your new players and friends to play with your guild? It is not easy to keep a raiding guild going if your guild can not grow with new members. Also around when EoD came out Gandara wa
  4. Today on primetime which is the only time we are not outnumbered on all borders we had the amazing queue on one person. Yes ONE. That is not a full server, because Gandara have been full in the past like 2-3 years ago, so i know what a full servers is, and i can also see what a full server is especially now since Anet closed nearly all servers, i guess to match Gandaras full population.... Gandara is not full. Still being kept closed for 2 years all together. With only one short opening. that is over 700 days. How are guilds suppose to survive that? I wrote a long post earlier
  5. Funny thing the number 1 host AND link in EU are both full and closed.... That is how well their tools are working.
  6. No EU have specific problems that NA do not have and can't have because it is player driven in NA because Arena Net gave the players in NA the possibillity to make choices. In EU Arena Net decide which server is going to have players and which servers is not. And for some servers there is exceptionally unfair choices made. Let me explain what i mean. In NA there are 4 tiers. All hosts in NA have a link. And regardless what happens if the host is closed or open or the link is closed or open there is ALWAYS options for players to have a WvW with enough players. And even
  7. First of all he was replying to help a player to make a decision so it was not like there was a announcement. He then kept on reply further down and where he told about it. And you are right Anet have told us a lot of things during 10 years that never happen and i like you had given up, until i heard that Grouch was back. He was the person back then that actually played PvP and actually understood things around that and after he left long time ago there was never really anyone new that took over with the same knowledge. He came back about a year ago and i am not saying he is our s
  8. Just a few days ago Grouch gave us several comments on reddit. where one of the things he said was this. Full thread here with more comments from him So i would say that the alliances are not ready in a long while. Mind though please do not shout at Grouch about this because he is the first person ever who talked to us straight out about something that other Anet devs in the past lead us to belive was something they worked on over all this years when they infact was removed early from it.. The fact that Grouch told exactly what is going on instead of keepi
  9. As another request for guildhall, can we get dummies or golems in to them so that we can do to the guild hall and practice dps rotations. It would also make it more usefull over all for people to come there together and figure things out. And comunities could even make events out of it and have dps training in their guildhall.
  10. Whilst you are looking at that could you also look at why when it is reset you often end up in queue where 20 people are on the same queue number. Like if i end up in the bottleneck queue we can be 10 people on number 12 or 30 on number 1 and then it can take forever and a day before you get in and the others on queue number 1 goes in before you.. Maybe this also have some effect on why queue reset is acting as it do.
  11. I know this. But then talk to Anet about it or bring the build where you pull them off and they fall to their death and you get the last laugh. We do that all the time to rangers on walls in WvW. Counter them!
  12. I totally understand that it is annoying i really do. But rangers can be pulled down to their deaths. I mean we do that in WvW often enough, because rangers hiding far is greedy becaus they think they are safe, bring a build and make them unsafe and you have the laugh. That is how you solve issues in WvW, kill them 😛 Again i understand that it is not fun but counter it instead of like that person before threatening with pve players comming to take our spots making queue, i mean talk about real griefing 😄
  13. Oh look Gandara yet again have no link. We are the server who never have queue but still get no links and have been closed for a year. Seriously Arena Net your tools are not working. If other servers have queue always and we dont even have that on prime then how can we be full? Your tools are broken as kitten and we suffer over it. And you ignored us saying so for several years now in wich we ae the server get links less the any other server in your whole game. Why?
  14. It is a PVP area. The jumping puzzle have built in traps that Anet put there so that you COULD grief people. If Anet put that in there then it mean they want people to use it. That is not griefing.
  15. If it was griefing then how come Arena net built the traps and added them to the jp with the intentions to jump on those who do the jp. So no it is not griefing and your threat is ridiculous. And yes i get it is annoying to be killed in there but it is a PvP area and if you go in there to do that, then this is what you need to have in mind and bring a build that can counter them and a pull to pull them down your self instead of making silly threats about how PvE is gonna come and hurt us.
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