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  1. It was me that was affected by the problem and it's been resolved by now, support was extremely fast and solved the issue in less than one day. 😁 Topic can be closed.
  2. Why do we have to wait almost a year for Legendary Relic? You are literally forcing us to buy and craft relics to experiment builds instead of giving the possibility of freely swapping at launch? This is a terrible choice.
  3. Those kind of players shouldn't even approach an MMO to begin with, and should stick to single-player action games.
  4. Hell no, I want more powercreep to be able to do HT CM with first timers pugs!
  5. Lol first time I hear of such nonsense. Does any mmorpg with in-game ads really exist? (Famous ones, not crappy mobile games)
  6. Ah, the more powercreep the better for me, but there is still too little powercreep here. I'll start to aknowledge powercreep only when we'll be able to breeze through HT cm with random pugs who never did it before.
  7. Losing? Nothing. Gaining? More money in our wallet.
  8. None, just because a mythical creature is "cool", it doesn't mean it has to be forcefully put in a world who has never had anything to do with it. Except for imps maybe, who were part of gw1 if I remeber correctly, also titans were part of gw1 but they were greatly different from the common titans (they were more like golems).
  9. The problem with banners is that they pulse minor boons (might and fury) which are already efficiently covered by most other classes and the only useful boon (quick) is only "on drop" thus not as effective as quickbrand. Anet, is it too hard to make banner pulse quickness? Or are you afraid that warriors could steal your precious child's (guard) role for once?
  10. Sorry but it just made me laugh that someone named "Winter" asked for summer events.
  11. Depends on what will cost less between buying a run or buying the infusion straight from the TP. I don't know the price of either of the 2.
  12. Sure it would be convenient for us, but we're talking at Anet here, the same guys who just made jade bot skin for 1600 gems. Do you think they are prone to cut their revenue by making an alternate way to get a gem store item? 😆
  13. Most of us have tons of transmutation charges left unused, that's why we are ok with it. Just play a bit of pvp and you'll have plenty too.
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