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  1. it's pointless to fight some player who just wanna hunt you over and over if you hit that with 2k damage Berserk Full Adrenaline Burst. like ok, you know my location and you can even kitten my damage. what you want me to do or to say? lelz.
  2. Vanilla Guardian can legit solo the Overgrown Grub in WvWvW (when no one wanna lelz kitten the fight coz they can see in remote that you're fighting it.). Zerker's Berserker can legit solo the Champion Harpy in WvWvW easily.
  3. what's your rationale behind endure pain having 50% decrease in movement and attack speed? and the kitten, 50% less damage taken???? you mean if 3 man instafocuspewpew you with 5k autoattack 3x, you're dead? lelz wtf. other classes can self barrier hard, has longer negate incoming damage skills, not to mention can 10% to 70% heal twice within 3-4 seconds and that's even repeatable.. and endure pain is even made suckier by the pve-pvp/wvw modes.. like that's not even an upgrade. that's blatantly trashing the already trash skill.
  4. Try commanding with a full zerkers gear, rings, accessories and weapons in WvWvW and you're facing CloudFly from [TPA] and somehow you're repelling them or even making them panic because of deaths.. and the server is not even balling and the commander only has 7 in his squad..
  5. theoretically (without the hocuspocus), you can 2 second down a target if you're built full dmg with all zerkers gear popping signet of fury + berserk burst.. and you will survive anywhere (PVE+WvWvW+PVP) with some trait customization and sigils. GS/Sword+Shield
  6. Realistic Samurai fights last only for seconds.. And you get the GW2 warrior, now having a pistol. that's why you gear on Full Zerkers (Everything) so it would be realistic. But it seems like the damage from Zerker's overflows 1/2 way and you only deal 1/2 damage from full. (or this is some client side hocus pocus lelz.)
  7. Warrior is firmware balanced guises..
  8. Cute, Handome, Metafamous
  9. so bad that you built a class with fully countering defense, offense or whatever vs a warrior to fight a warrior.
  10. my warrior can solo the Champion Harpy in WvWvW with on-the-fly nerfed zerkers full armor, trinkets, weapons (i have also the zerker's water breather)
  11. a few plays warrior and those few are like doing the same build PvE, PvP and WvWvW but they cannot play full zerkers Warrior in WvWvW thus they neglect, nerf and offer a specialization that makes the Warrior fundamentally weak (in damage and in attitude (pistol warrior lelz)). it's like you got the banner and now you get a pistol. it would be lelz if the banner acts like a mounted shield and you pew pew using your pistol and hide behind your banner to "reload" lelz.
  12. mesmer (or other mod via specialization) = evade evade block block, heal heal, invis invis, clone clone goto evade evade and you're dead coz it can do all of those mentioned and dealing damage AT THE SAME TIME.
  13. alcopaul.2156


    the premise/rationale/key to warrior frontline tanking alone, with some or with zerg is that they should be able to kill targets quickly for defense (given that you survive a zerg fight and not even in coms running full zerks). if you make that undoable by adding an specialization that obviously weakens the classic GS/Sword/W/e by using a Pistol, a skill set that just tops @ 3 digit figure crit on full zerks or weaken it in lelz ways (like hitting 900 dmg versus a not even veteran dredge on full zerks lelz), you just, yet again, put the warrior another level into to the sinkhole (which we all
  14. it's like someone loved and loves playing warrior no matter what and they hate that someone and now the rest of the players are affected and inconvenienced.
  15. seeing 3k maxed damage burst from full adrenaline using full Berserker gear on a Soulbeast with no Protection boon and 0 Barrier.
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