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  1. I am so mad about this, because 1) I need it and will buy it for my Asura Roller Champion, and 2) because this heavily rules out the likelihood of a golem themed set. I hope not, but it probably does.
  2. That was pretty awesome, I feel the hype. Can't wait to get in game and get to jumping
  3. Not Baubles, Bauble Bubbles. Unless there was a basic change to the functionality of the game there is a limit to the number of Baubles you can carry at any given moment within the box, so it's necessary to be able to remove them if you want. But Bauble Bubbles have no such restrictions and should absolutely be a currency.
  4. I love World 1-2. The trees, it was the first zone in GW2 to have the height and multi-layeredness that would eventually be Maguuma Wastes design aesthetic. The Worm is great. The intro of the poison lake is funny, even though he dies. The Cool Spiders that don't live anywhere else. It is just an all around fun world to explore. I don't think I took advantage of Weekly Vendors, so nothing comes to mind. I don't even know what would be relevant. New World, I want to go into the caverns, I hope we can get more rapids. Having an underwater zone would be cool. I just want to continue the
  5. City of Heroes players said similar things. Funny you should say that, since City of Heroes players are playing City of Heroes again
  6. I use statuettes exclusively for nodes. So far I've gotten Iron
  7. Hit boxes are already a little clunky on mounts. I don't know that precision threading is necessarily going to be effective, unless I'm misunderstanding.
  8. I just finished watching two separate videos about Season 1 with clips and dialogue, and I forgot so much of that. It is amazing how obvious all the events of HoT become through the lense of Season 1. I would love to play it again, but at the same time I don't know that it would be an enjoyable chapter. So much of the instances were just conversations happening with other characters without our interaction having to do with it. All the events were major world events taking multiple people. It would be a raid at minimum to recreate most of the parts. To do it solo I can't imagine how to d
  9. That is a good question.I think its the lack of a solid projector base. where as the holosmith's sword is like a light saber these are holograms with no visible source and that bugs me. also, I'm not a fan of see through weapons in general. So, the Holosmith sword also wouldn't be considered a holo weapon. It's a lightsaber. The Holosmith weapon set, while in emitter mode, though, don't really have a source, they just are. I haven't actually seen these weapons yet. I'm hoping the shield looks good, since I'm making a sword shield smith and would like to try that instead of the crystal shie
  10. My experience with that channel suggests it effects intensity. If you put a bright color in there you get a consistently bright glow, if you put a dark color in there you get a more subdued glow.
  11. How does someone explain aesthetics? They're subjective. If you don't like the skins, having someone explain why they do isn't likely to change your opinion. What don't you find appealing about them, is just as relevant a question.
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