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  1. depends. if it's gonna take them 4.5 more years to make the next one, some other mmo's may come out that leech away customers, possibly reducing or eliminating the financial prospects of making an another expac.
  2. Yea. GW1 seemed more weighty and real. Serious and compelling, and yet still beautiful. GW2 oftentimes just feels cartoony and kidsy, w/o much threat. Or at least not threats that feel long-lasting or with a maintained serious tone. And maybe it is also all the jokes the different playable races make about each other that anet always feels like they need to sprinkle in everywhere.
  3. Depends on the IRL jade. They could have made it more like #36 thru #41 on your link. imo, regardless of the purported lore reasons, the new stuff is painful to look at. And the whole dragon-jade-tech angle is just weird and random to me.
  4. Yea, regardless of what a lot of jade is IRL, the stuff in that trailer hurts my eyes. I liked the gw1 aesthetic a lot better. I suppose the reasoning they’ll say is that in the lore, this is not the same jade as the jade from gw1. And that all of that gw1 jade is now liquified. And the only reason that this gw2 jade is still solid is because of dragon-magic that happens to also make it more green.
  5. Preach. I like that Anet tries to be creative with all aspects of their game, but some stuff just feels *so* off-the-wall random and out-of-left-field (ie. Catalyst, Willbender, Bladesworn, Harbinger). We've had some thematically weird stuff like Dragonhunter before, but this expac seems to load up on it. & the names are almost all strange. Each of these spec's doesn't really feel like a cohesive vision, for most of them.
  6. Didn’t see this poll earlier. Yea, this one struggles alot in the competitive modes, & especially WvW. Due to the AI, it’s very easy for the mech to get out of position and then mobbed and melted by loads of enemies. The ranged projectiles are so slow that it’s hard to hit targets (would help if the skill was a ground target, so you could attempt to lead the target manually with the lobbed shot). The melee skills put the mech in way too much danger to be melted by being close to large groups. Its break bar is easily sliced through and it doesn’t really provide any protection. And it moves
  7. It'd be interesting to see this poll broken down by game mode. It seems to work horribly in WvW, especially in large encounters. I'm not exaggerating when say it's one of the worst specs I've ever tested across many expacs, despite many attempts to make it work. But maybe it's the polar opposite in PvE. Unfortunate, since the aesthetics are nice.
  8. Additionally, Mechanized Deployment (15% recharge reduction on tool belt skills), from the Tools traitline, does not work in WvW, though it does work in PvE.
  9. 1. I had the mech set on 'passive' and it was sitting beside me as we watched some server-mates fighting enemies in front of us on the bridge by Lowlands Keep. I used the "Crisis Zone" skill and the mech started running forward far ahead into the scrum, even though I hadn't moved and I didn't have any enemies or allies targeted. 2. I jumped down off the Stonemist Castle inner-wall to engage some enemies below but the mech didn't follow. You have to be very far from the wall for the mech auto-port to you. So if the enemy stays near the wall and you jump down to fight, you will be f
  10. Mechanist- practically everything No toolbelts. lose 1/2 of stunbreaks and a ton of other functionality. lose Elite, because you have to dedicate it to re-summoning the Mech once the Mech gets melted. lose 1/3 traits once Mech goes down. 90% of utilities are handicapped w/o toolbelt. Lose control abilities, since so much positioning and damage is outsourced to the mech, which has stupid AI. Lose responsiveness since mech attacks are so slow (especially projectiles). Lose fight-initiative since mech won't follow you off of WvW walls until you're very far away from it. Lose build customiza
  11. yet another problem in WvW. The mech is very reluctant to follow you when you jump down off of walls. Even with it set to "passive" where it should be trying to stay by your side. it will not follow you until you get *very* far away from the wall.
  12. This spec feels awful in WvW. Really outdoes all the other specs in the clunkyness department. Projectiles are slow as molasses. Mech is almost ALWAYS out of position to use the bubble or other proximity skills. Even if you have it set on 'passive' stance. It will not stay by your side. Hit the 'return to me' button and it will take forever to get back to you. You will be dead by the time it gets back to use any proximity abilities. Build diversity is zero. Almost forced to take signets. Need to burn an Elite slot just to mimic ranger-pet functionality if mech goes down. And you'r
  13. It might be fine in PvE, but there are major concerns for PvP/WvW. literally half the engi stunbreaks are toolbelt skills, as is a ton of other functionality. That's not something you can easily fix by just tweaking numbers one way or the other. Losing toolbelt handicaps loads of utility skills. Mech's probably gonna get melted in WvW, and/or have its projectile attacks reflected. And if anet tanks it up to compensate, that could easily make it overpowered, giving you a projectile sponge to hide behind in small-man encounters unless they are piercing projectiles. Seems like it will be hard to
  14. This spec is kinda disappointing tbh. Golem & skills are pretty-looking, but golem probably will get melted and/or reflected in WvW. tough to lose toolbelt skills too.
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