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  1. this is actually what i felt when i started the story. events would fail on the first map, and i was not on at odd hours. i refunded the expansion not only for that reason, but also because the mastery lines didn't seem worth 30$. RIP my favorite mmo 😕
  2. But weren't people asking for harder metas for years? Because PoF really had no metas. Now people are mad about a meta that requires coordination like auric basin?
  3. It’s an instance in the third map. It’s similar to eye of the north. the story takes you there. Eventually you see in the mastery panel where you can spend mastery points to unlock vendors and trading post.
  4. Smh you are the one who brought up housing. I think anyone would’ve taken that over leveling another lions arch.
  5. It’s not even about money tbh. If they made Lily of the Elon a mastery you had to grind as content, I’d be upset too. But luckily they didn’t because we got mounts and other features instead. NOW housing would’ve been a great EoD mastery track. Definitely worth buying at that point if implemented well. The wilds are stunning like a fairy realm, I don’t see why they couldn’t have done housing in arborstone. They’ve had 5 years since POF came out ..
  6. If you are saying that 1/4 of the expansion content is optional and you don’t need to do it, doesn’t that go in line with what I was saying? Like why is this content worth 30$ for the average consumer? It really brings nothing to the table for vet players.
  7. Can’t believe people totally missed the point of the post. Frankly every time i criticize the game I get shill replies. While Guild Wars 2's mastery system was initially a great idea for endgame progression, it now feels like an unnecessary experience grind. The Jade Bot is an excellent quality of life addition to the game and the Siege Turtle is a fun multiplayer mount that has its own niche, but fishing and skiffs aren't nearly as impactful as the previous expansions' introductions of gliding or mounts, and locking elements of the new Arborstone hub area behind a mastery feels completel
  8. Remember when mastery points felt...meaningful...? Unlocking Itzel poison lore so you can explore lower parts of tangled depths? In the newest expansion, you have to grind xp to open access to the vendors in Arborstone...lol. Yet we got a leisure zone outside of Crystal Oasis with path of fire deluxe. Anet i hope you have more in store for cantha because that led me to refund the expansion. 🫤 Edit: It seems like people think I mean that you can just buy a lounge with extra money. No, that isn’t the point of my post. The fact is that it’s an arbitrary form of content to ad
  9. Honestly, yes. As somebody who played since the game was sold in walmarts, i think the game has run its course. Story deteriorated from base game. I miss when we were just an adventurer accompanying trahearne or the order of whispers.. Now we're just the snarky commander... Eod masteries are pretty useless. Leveling a trading post is content? Why, when i paid for deluxe path of fire and can go right outside crystal oasis? Lol
  10. I started mmos in 2012..with lord of the rings online. I loved that game until they released lootboxes..and now it's just on life support from the older retired playerbase who can't let the game go. Now, i'm at a point where i want to just sell my pc and play single player games on my ps5.
  11. it's 2022 and people haven't figured out that pvp modes are toxic in ANY game? open world/fractals- nobody even talks.
  12. I refunded the expansion because "leviathan" was apparently all people were doing. So many events in the first two maps kept failing. I was not on at a strange hour either. Probably going to wait till it goes on sale.
  13. Also FFXIV's endwalker was so bad story wise that i actually got depressed and uninstalled it. They had a great story rolling for 2 years and then dropped the ball so hard with this one. Theres a huge thread on their forums about it.
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