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  1. I need to stop being a masochist and reading these in the hopes that something will come of it. It is vindicating though to realise that people are so far entwined in their own realities to bother to understand anything of what I was talking about. Why would I want the kodan to be special? I'm not invested in them whatsoever. It's always fascinating to see what people think of me, though. I guess I'll just put it down to neurodiversity and life experiences. All I've been vocal about is how it's both disappointing and problematic that an intelligent and hardly neurotypic
  2. Unexpected. An outcome that managed to please no one. I suspect that at least one of their interested groups would've come out of this satisfied. I'm heartbroken, of course. That's dealt the killing blow for me, I can't remain invested in something that's going to hurt me. With the loss of so many employees, I can't imagine there's anything worth sticking around for. Well, that's an expenditure to strike off. I mean, I've spent an absolutely, ridiculously absurd amount of cash money on Guild Wars 2. Hm. I do wonder how many whales this will cost them? The majority of pl
  3. Though this can be put down to design problems, it can also be explained by Ryland caring about Jormag's position that everyone should listen more—you can't reason without listening. So for a while he was keeping his cool and trying to please Jormag. We're still not 100 per cent sure why it is so for him in particular, but he's clearly invested in Jormag. The pained expression when Ryland and Jormag first converse—as if Jormag realises something regarding his nature that no one else does—seems to have struck him a certain way.
  4. So! Neither Jormag nor Primordus will die. That doesn't mean that nothing transformative will happen, however.
  5. As I suspected, this has been a time for popcorn. The thing is is that the writers have decided that it's time for mutualism. In prior stories, there's been a lot about parasitism and the divides it causes, with gods and kings serving as parasites driving a wedge between peoples. The thing is, there's only so many ways you can tell this story, and another problem is is that there's no way to really end it. Oh, I get that it seems exciting at the outset—all those mens in their shiny bits et al—but there isn't anywhere for it to go. This is true historically aswell. The parasitism of charismatic
  6. I think that "there exists" is being conflated with "there exists a connection." The only case in which this is actually true is the original storyline—because unless you played sylvari, you'd miss out on a lot of context and nuance. "Who is this Trahearne guy? Why is he the leader now? Where'd Destiny's Edge go? Why is taking credit for darn nearly everything I do?? Did Tyria get mind-taken in its sleep?" After that, they learned their lesson. There exists focus on different races past that point, but it's nonsensical to think that you'd be missing out on anything important by playing whateve
  7. Delusional neo-luddites, then? Grey, are you familiar with the concept of Word of God? It's when the leader of a creative team informs a fanbase of something, often to put an end to the likes of Indoctrination Theories. Narrative lead Tom Abernathy told us that Jormag doesn't lie, manipulate, or mind control. It not only isn't their style, but it isn't how they function. Denying Word of God leads to Indoctrination Theories. It's really worthwhile to pay attention to what the people actually making the game are taking the time to tell you. This is their passion project, it's their joie de vivre
  8. I offer some sagely wisdom: Lore... is subjective! The archivist who gathers together every little scrap and treats it as though it's an objective truth would be a poor historian. It's the equivalent of believing what certain poor curriculums teach of the Roman empire at school. It'd be like reading the 1776 report and believing everything within. There's so much subjectivity—without a truly infallible system of recording data in times immemorial, none of it can be trusted as accurate in any meaningful way. It's all a big maybe, subjective perspectives, burdened with bias, laden with lies. For
  9. I don't have the will to look at responses because this is hurting me quite a bit right now, I'm not in a good emotional place to do so. I will, however, leave this here. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/27/victim-blaming-science-behind-psychology-research It's an important read to understand my perspective.
  10. Jormag isn't bipolar. It isn't madness to want to be free from abuse. I mean, what they talk of being chained to isn't Bangar, it's Primordus. They've had to feel his aggression all their life and they just want to be free from it. They're traumatised by his abusive ways, as I've said prior, and an abused person can find it hard to extricate their freedom from the death of their abuser. This hits really close to home for me as someone who went through an abusive period. The abused accused of madness, claimed as a burden, when all they want to do is be free of pain and ensure that others don't
  11. I do like mount skins but it cannot be my answer exclusively. In sooth, it would be whatever allowed me to create the character I identify with the most, for any given reason, and their constituent parts. So it'll be a whole slew of things. I pretty much bought every ice-themed item to put Mirra together and I'm extremely fond of her. I love her in the ice throne as her Janeway energies are immense. I've spent a lot on the cash shop over the years working on a number of designs which I think I've shown off before. Mirra is my favourite of the lot. And proof that a charr can absolutely be re
  12. Hm, I wonder if one of her characters will make it into the game as an NPC? For someone who loves a game so, that's always a good way to remember them. I don't know how much ArenaNet does that sort of thing though.
  13. I was exceptionally lucky in finding a small group of incredibly competent players who weren't toxic, they helped me with that strike—otherwise I wouldn't have my Whisper of Jormag mini, which I treasure. I mean, my whole thing is Icebrood Represent, so my main would feel less without it. I'm not fond of forced grouping, I'm really not. That was the only one I did. Like I said, I got lucky. It's largely because furries are furries and furries are almost always a good time. I know how ludicrously hard it is to find people who group in an MMO and aren't toxic. That group is... odd to say the lea
  14. I woudln't be against it but I'd never use it. I don't understand the reasoning but ArenaNet has chosen to go with parkour mounts despite how every other MMO does it and I—personally speaking—couldn't be happier! I love parkour movement. I'd find flying so boring. A part of the joy of exploration is the challenge of movement—anyone who's ever explored a cave network knows that. If it were easy to move then I wouldn't really see that as exploration so much as just surveying. You'd be a survey drone. Now, survey drones have their place! It's important to gather data quickly. The sense of explora
  15. The Braham experience certainly is a thing. I mean, he is an experience. He has a strong enough sense of identity, good humour, and yet he's vexingly gullible. He can allow himself to become propagandised by his own emotions, which is a frustrating facet of his character. Despite this, I like him. Always did, liked him back when it was cool to hate him and I was the outsider. I can both see a character's flaws and be fond of them regardless. Perfection is a myth. Taimi I adore—she's very relatable. All in all, a compassionate empath who fakes confidence to get by. Generally mistaken for a narc
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