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  1. two things mostly 1: a simple thing that would be easier and not nerfing the thieves too much would just be to fix the CDs/duration on the portal, at present the CD is 60s and has a duration of 60s and while its being "prepared" the CD ticks down so at the end of the 60second duration you can INSTANTLY drop the entrance to the portal again .... A: adjust the duration to 30 seconds (like mesmer portal) b: adjust the CD so that when you deploy the start of the skill it doesn't start ticking down the CD instantly 2: i like the sound of utilizing more features from EOTM
  2. What team were you placed on? Skritsburg What team did you expect to be placed on? Silent Woods (where the majority of the guild that i selected is) Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? No (my box for the guild choice was locked in as of Wednesday and i never changed it) Have you shard/world transferred recently? No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Gandara
  3. thats why i said FL is wonky still but for the most part when you on 27 of the 51 servers you dont get to "just see" where someone on your friends list is (and sometimes cause i have a 2 accounts ones on a host one is on a link, i cant see where certain ppl are still .... like i have NA and EU friends and i cant see where any of the NA friends are or vice versa.
  4. save your halloween pails for keyfarm characters and then fill them up with all those annoying type to delete the full name items in then you only have to type the name of your keyfarm character to mass delete items .... double win ..... .... basicly you are paying to mass delete items .... admitling it feels wrong that i had to figure out this solution for annoying "delete protections"
  5. i agree with the person that listed that other exploits and issuses need to be taken care of first but QoL would be to add a one of 2 conditions since most wvw guild missions require at least 3 members online us this as a 3 vote to skip que system if you are the only member of the guild on it by passes the 2 other skip votes needed to skip Or each "decline to claim" reduces the cool down on the que by 5 seconds. still gives enough time for someone in the guild to claim if they want to (or if they need to debate on unclaiming something) and the game already has protections for g
  6. this is just the all around best solution and most simple. hell they fixed: these other 2 things that interacted with tracking in wvw 1: the multi team guild tracking by doing this for the longest time if you repped (guild A) *insert tag* if you were on a different team you could just fallow your guildies around on the map using their "gold dot" .... this no longer happen so why dont they just fix the minis to be visible only by team, 2: friends list, still kinda wonky but now under "normal" conditions you cant just add a person form an enemy server to see which map they are on "IN
  7. i think every class does have at least one reveal so the counter play is there but giving even more portals was too much thief's ports should either be nerfed to only a self port period AND cd/visuals/audio added or removed one solution to teef portals would just simply match them to the way mesmer portals are make the skill timer only go on CD once you finish the portal make the teef portal have a visual and audial component and cause a thief is not a mesmer, the thieves prepared protal is something only they themselves can use ... they cant take anyone with them. so at least if y
  8. wasnt looking at how it is now we already know that you can have EU and NA in the same guild and share everything, but cant play in the same shards due to the region but the world restructure and the beta is going to mix up the way that guild dynamic is and is going to put all the ppl that select it as a "battle guild" on the same server so is it going to also move the NA/EU accounts around or are the players going to have to transfer their accounts so they are at least on the same region BEFOR the alliance betas. also which reigion is going to be the "home" of the guild like my bank g
  9. question: what happens if you have a guild that has members on NA and EU do they get to pick to stay on NA, or EU or do they get merged and do guilds get to at least lock in a "home region" (aka NA or EU)
  10. create an alttransfer all items you want to delete to said altdelete the alt. helpful but this is still a thing that the game could also add in its own alternative to give slice of life
  11. thank you for making us have 6 of the last 8 months without a link, thanks giving us 2 months to play with friends and then taking it away lovely
  12. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bear_Ceremonial_armor so i have gotten the complete set of this and am bringing it up in the community to petetion to have the Dev's fix the female side's footwear to mimic the same way the male is why dont females get the "bear feet" to instead of just furry boots :/ (the other gender based differences can stay but the feet NEED to be fixed https://imgur.com/wirqpxQ - just the norn but all the races the females have the just a normal "boot" shape TLDR GIVE FEMALES BEAR FEET TOO
  13. on one had this is amazing great for convience .... on the other hand this is a nail in the coffin for players that like to play market wars or even farm for materials to sell....also its going to be a slight woops to players that have grided out multiple legendary sets .... i know of a few players that do have 2 or more sets of legendarys so they dont have to swap between characters as much. but down to the nitty gritty.whats going to happen is this : for the first few months there is going to be a material rush for crafting, or there is going to be a lot of legendarys sold they will raise
  14. mystic forge recipe that makes it to were you throw in 4 skins of any type and you get a 1 transmutation charge recipe 2 throw in 4 skins of the same category, to get a random skin from a form that category's item pool. i just want to get rid of skins that i don't want to use without having to type the full name out every time :/
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