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  1. I agree that this is only relative to PvP, I'm even afraid to stutter about WvW. It's like comparing WvW to Epic Battlegrounds WoW. But there is one feature - big is born from small. That's why I was talking about the lack of definite identity in some classes and how devs can direct condi game and the fields. My suggestions were not facts just direction.
  2. When self-deception is at the root of the environment itself, the environment eventually collapses. I've seen it all before in WoW. Yes maybe the developers had the wrong decisions, but much of the choice also lies with the players. For example if you play only Meta, I would call it only 1/3 of the game. In a game like this everyone is only into their personalities, people don't know what Counter Setup is, they don't know Counter pick vs Meta. People try to fight how stone vs stone, they don't try to become water that sharpens stone. Shadowlands showed well that almost all PvP WoW was hel
  3. Don't worry, buddy, I was already beaten to the punch by the fact that this so-called "mistake" was born in 2012.
  4. If several different volleys (buttons) on grenades do not clear one Blind, then yes it is a mistake, but for me this error does not compare to the fact that there are classes that lack a whole identity (which can only be expressed through their own special fields or their own condi game)
  5. I said only about one volley.
  6. Maybe it's not a bug, from what I read a volley of grenades counts as one hit. In the tooltip of the grenades there are no such words as Initial Strike and Additional Strikes.
  7. I've seen all this in WoW before. Modern players probably don't even know what it is to pass Icecrown Citadel without a zonal buff, when there was no such dissemination of information, but there was only a mystery. The developers never put the words Meta or Speedrun in their notes before releasing patches. They also do not force players to go to sites with additional information.
  8. Don't worry, sometimes it's like a blind person talking to a deaf person. Life is beautiful because it has two sides of the same coin, the other side will eventually take its toll anyway. If people tried to realize the depth of the moment - for example, here they decided to speed up, and then they would still slow down by coming to the store earlier and getting into a big queue, which might not have happened if they were not in a hurry. There are thousands, millions of such situations, so enjoy the moment.
  9. A masterpiece! Carry this phrase in your heart ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„.
  10. There are such complex setups that it would be easier for them to call it useless and switch to meta. I donโ€™t see the competitive part here, I see self-deception here. Edit: P. S. I've never been interested in Moba is another self-delusion at the peak of the game. You level up your character to then create one peak battle, then a new game. I have nothing against MOBA players, I just think you should not compare MOBAs and MMOs. Don't forget that Dota 1 is a byproduct of Warcraft 3
  11. What would you think if I told you that friends in Warcraft made Warcraft even more meta-slavery, because friends can also get information from other sources. Warcraft friends don't know about 1001 possible Setups, they don't know about counter setups, they don't know the very structure of the opposition of forces - chaos/order, life/death, light/shadow, lords of the void (ala Lovecraft). From a certain point on, they became interested only in numbers, and not in the game itself.
  12. We are small because we cling to our egos, even the ocean has boundaries and life is limitless. We are not the body, we are not the mind, we are consciousness, we are the one who is aware, we are witnesses to the game. When we aware that we are witnesses, we will begin to taste the nectar. 16:00 "If feels as though there's an ocean spread above the sky".
  13. The achievement is only that which cannot be taken away by death. Anything that death can take cannot be an achievement. Developers don't balance around speedrunning (or meta), they give you choices.
  14. Hi JusticeRetroHunter. I enjoy reading some of your texts on the balance of nature, wanted to give you some details. Mystics consider the scientific questions as well, especially those where the scientists have given up. For example, one such question is whether hydrogen and oxygen cease to exist when they combine to form water. This can be a very long discussion, but even there people begin to divide into two groups, in short, many mystics convinced that non-existence can be an absolute reality that the mind cannot comprehend (because the mind will always try to escape into the past or the fu
  15. Sorry Trevor, nothing personal, maybe you are a strong player, but there are people who want to play support Ranger. In Warcraft, prim raids manage to trample even ordinary players on a random BG.
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