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Worth coming back

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The amount of content you can play now, compared to back then is amazing. It was just dungeon runs all day...

Guilds are around..in map chats i think. But i'd say the chances of randomly chatting to somebody in the world is pretty slim. Gliding was the big thing in the first expansion, but it kinda got replaced with the addition of griffon/skyscale mount.

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Since you can post on the forums you at least have a paid core account.   Log in and find out.   That would probably be more fun than asking people here in my opinion.   Spend some time playing, looking around, and asking people in game for info.   One thing I will mention is that since launch a lot has been added.  2 expansions and 1 more arriving in February next year.     Those include elite specializations for each profession.   Also lots of new maps and living story episodes which also include new maps.  But if you didn't log in during those living world seasons you will need to buy them too.  But season 4 of the living story is about to go repeat meaning every time the replay is going on you can unlock those for free as long as you login during each episode.  


And if you really want to do a lot of reading about changes here is a log of archived patch notes on the wiki:




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There is a massive amount of content for you to dive back into.

Some of it is great, some of it is garbage, some of it is genius, some of it is embarrassing, some of it is hugely rewarding, some of it is unbearably frustrating.

In short, it's a mixed bag, but you've nothing to lose, except your time.

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19 hours ago, RNitestalker.6150 said:

I used to play when it first came out and looking to maybe get back into it .. how much better is it now than then and is it easy to find a Guill,d and people to play with ?

Oof. Many people have left and Guild Wars 2 hasn't been as good as it was before the first expansion.


May be setting yourself up for disappointment. But if you're looking for content, the expansions and living world seasons are there. Provided you're willing to shell out for the expansion and a boat load of gems for the living world seasons.


In short, TwoGhosts summed it up pretty well. If you have nothing better to do. You've nothing to lose but your time... and money.

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