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Belcher's Bluff Is A Terrible Game

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I played it five times in a row.
EVERY TIME, the AI would Bluff (resulting in no health lost), then 'Ramble' during the 5 second cooldown between actions.

Fun Fact: Rambling makes the AI immune to Belch; the punishment for bluffing.

Another Fun Fact: This means the AI can, and will, bluff, then make themselves immune to being punished for bluffing, before you can punish them. Because skills are on a 5 second cooldown, and the AI can 'Ramble' whenever they feel like it.


Oh, and the player gets no such at-will immunity to Belch punishments.


Kind of hard to win when the AI literally ignores the rules the player has to abide by. They get to avoid health loss, then avoid the health loss punishment.


You can say I'm salty. Perhaps.

But FIVE GAMES IN A ROW, the AI would Bluff, then Ramble 2 seconds later. Literally between the player's skill uses, so you CAN'T punish them.


So the AI can: Bluff (no health loss), then nullify Belch (no health loss), then drink water (health gain.)
While in the same loop, the player probably: Drank (health loss), belched (no health loss), then either drank (health loss)/drank water (health gain)

You will note, in that loop, that the AI came out ahead in health while the player, at best, broke even, or at worst, lost health twice. Putting the player behind in health either way.


And the AI can literally Ramble whenever they want. I had her ramble three times in a row. The voice lines literally nearly overlapped. 'Back in my day, mining blah blah' 'Back in my day...' 'Back in my day..'

It felt like a player spamming an immunity button thinking I was mashing 'Belch' as fast as possible.



I get it's a minigame, but holy crap, that felt insanely computer-sided. I'm not sure if I was THAT unlucky or some script broke, because she was spamming functional immunity to punishments like she got stuck in a recursive loop.

Oh, and it was happening between actions, every time. That ALSO felt like it was broken.

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Isn't it the particular oponent's special skill? I sort of remember one of them doing something like that and yup, it was annoying as hell.  I think there was a way to deal with it using one of the other special skills (you get skills from opponents when you beat them).

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:3 sowwie, but I'll just say it outright. you aren't good enough 😄

I went on a Belcher's Bluff spree and beat every NPC and basically "won" Belcher's Bluff on my main character. I found it to be very fun and not hard at all. I don't remember a moment when I was frustrated or having trouble. I even bought the permanent belcher's bluff kit so I can play it with others anytime that I want. I love it :3

and yes, you are talking about one of the Belcher's Bluff Master skills. If you beat them, you can take their skill. Each master has a different skill, so you will never meet any other NPC with the Ramble skill again. you can of course meet other players with it if you challenge them with a belcher's bluff kit.

I did Belcher's Bluff a long time ago and it's still a fond memory for me...

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