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agony infusion +1 need a correct converter


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Agony infusion +1 price dropped a lot since legendary armory release, think that a correct converter would help to resolve this problem, otherwise this item will be just useless like kormir's eye.

See this item at 1-3 copper is very sad, 40-50 copper should be a more fair price.

What do you think people?

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for fair price i mean i price that is not so low (english is not my first language) because seeing (and selling) this item at this price is very sad. Is more like a emotional situation for me, i dont care so much about money, but sellig them at 3-4 copper each when i was selling them 1 silver each months ago makes me feel like im selling a trash item now (selling 1 stack now gives  7 or less silver).

People that save gold now thanks to this situation later will change idea,  i think is better to not let this item become a trash item like kormir's eyes.





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Wow I'm extremely curious to know what's going on with that market.


So, +1 Agony infusions were very stable from about mid-March 2017.

Then, for some reason, it started plummeting around the end of June 2021.

Were there fractal changes around that time?  Did player behaviors shift during that time?

I still need to look at the data set more in-depth and I hadn't done any regressions, but the initial look-over is leaving me very confused.


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I meant June 2021 not June 20231, I am not from 18000 years in the future...
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It's the legendary armory. If you have legendaries you only need one set of infusions per type per character as you can fit them in all the equipment templates. So not only is the demand lower, people that already were decked out in the same type of infusions over different equipment sets now have surplus.

Maybe the price will go up a bit over time but I doubt it will ever be as high as it was.

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