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Can We Relax With The Projectile Hate?


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1 hour ago, FrownyClown.8402 said:

Projectile hate is fine in pvp and players should have tools to deal with ranged damage available to them. It makes sense for ranger to get a projectile block since they got a melee weapon for their espec. Try not using your ranged skills while its up. Might help

I think if this is the proper mindset, then it is time to have less pillars, enclosure, random boxes/crates, and walls through out the arenas.

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The funny thing here was the counter to projectile hate was unblockable utility skills(was normally brought on some classes in big zergs for wvw), but the game has been culled and ping ponged back and forth between duration and charge based unblockable attack utility, it's pretty much not worth to slot unblockable utility skills anymore. 

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9 hours ago, Genesis.5169 said:

Absolutely fine with it we have just the right amount of it and i play mostly ranged classes and i have killed myself a few times with some well placed reflects.

Don't forget about the other side with the ranged laser attacks that ignore projectile block, it is so beautiful when a guard pops its shield bubble and dies confused why it didn't stop the range attacks. 

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