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Oil pot range change


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You can now spill oil on the walls. Rejoice! And the oil still does no damage unless you are manning the pot.....so if a zerg was on the wall charging you on the pot you have to stay on it to make ur shitty damage aoe do anything.

I think it better just to remove oil pots. Statistically, with the exception of the inland oil of double gates of say valley keep, they do more for the attackers than the defenders at this point.

@cobbah.3102 said:

@Vavume.8065 said:World vs. WorldGeneralOil pot range is now 800.

Wow so cool I always wanted to die on manning the oil pot ,does it protect you from the toxic painted wall also . So oil pot range 800 scourge range 1200 am I missing something here??

They still design oil pots and cannons as deterrents to buy time rather than counter siege. And they still count an oil pot/cannon as a single player. So when they calculate the effectiveness a single player can do against a group of even just 4 people.......its pretty dang low. So take that number and crunch it to the smallest possible when you have 1 vs 50....and its a deathtrap true and true.

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