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Referring to others as Lesser Races in GW2


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I've always been a little uncomfortable when over the course of the Commander's story they're given a choice to investigate one of the "lesser races." This is such an ugly term, which has been applied in the real world by human beings to describe fellow human beings. I was wondering if there might be any support at Arenanet, as well as among the player base, to consider changing the umbrella term "lesser races" to "unaligned races", or "unalinged free folk." I hope you find this topic worth considering. Thanks friends. 

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Yeah the term does connote some odd notions influenced by real life.


I don't think the term has ever been used in a derogatory sense in game, though. I'm not sure it has a negative context in the lore, though mayhaps it doesn't matter; racism does exist in the setting nonetheless. The 'lesser races' do tend to be portrayed as more primitive, and as Diovid says their societies aren't very developed or centralized. Whereas the playable races have built major cities and spread all over the continent, the other races are limited to small villages or camps.


Personally, I don't feel the terminology is that much of an issue. Maybe if it was being used to describe other groups of humans, but fantasy rat people? I don't think I've heard the term in game since the personal story/core maps anyway.

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1 hour ago, Kalavier.1097 said:


This. Or "No unified government/nation" even.

A dredge would find that offensive. 

But otherwise no, the topic is not worth considering. The argument falls on a failure to understand the meaning of the term or it is trying to mislead and twist the meaning on purpose.

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