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  1. Season 3 is when they really started using the special action key in story and pve, so keep an eye out for it going forward.
  2. I just find the title of this thread so funny, like you’re saying something “brave” or risky lmao. Personally, I like Aurene. I just want to see her written as a fully realized character with strengths and weaknesses instead of a “problem” that has to be sidelined for being too useful. We’ve invested years in this character and helped raised her from birth with Caithe. I want to feel like we actually have a friendly elder dragon on our side, even if she makes mistakes.
  3. Y’all, it’s because Taimi is growing up. 😂 It’s been like 6 or 7 years since we met her in game, hasn’t it? I don’t remember how old she was when we met her, but I think she’s around 20 now. Though I guess you’d think her disease might stunt her growth somewhat.
  4. Yes, it was quite jarring to have nigh a reference to her — as far as S4 lead us to believe — rapidly progressing illness. Taimi was absent from Icebrood Saga until Champions iirc. Either they didn’t have time to address it, forgot about it, or want to ignore that detail entirely. The studio showed they’re not afraid to outright ignore established plot points, so your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I don’t want Taimi to die. If she does, that’s fine. I just want the studio to give it the attention it deserves. I want to actually see how it’s affecting her and lim
  5. EoDs will give us the Legendary Goth GF or BF mastery line, wherein you find the cute goth of your choice and woo them with eyeliner and catchy early 2000s alternative rock songs.
  6. One thing I feel acutely is that both expansions make it hard to just explore and *relax* while doing so. There are so many enemy mobs everywhere, often patrolling, and I have to rush to get anywhere or I’ll get bogged down in enemy mobs. It feels counterintuitive to my desire to explore at my own pace, take in the details of map design, and really appreciate the beauty of the new environments. Ideally I’d like maps to combine elements of both, but definitely want some maps that don’t punish you for taking your time and smelling the roses either. Let me stare at that extravagant wa
  7. I was happy to see Kormir again personally and didn’t have any real gripes about the interaction. But yes, it is a very unfortunate missed opportunity to not see more of a conflict in the human commander on the Balthazar situation. They go pretty hard to make him bad, so far as torturing the souls in his afterlife domain into compliance (and forcing them to become Forged). I had a human commander that was blessed by/worshipped Balthazar from my choices during character creation. It would’ve been a nice touch of nuance to show some deeper conflict for those humans that h
  8. Yeah, I agree with the sentiments of your post. Balthazar was not very compelling as an antagonist, and his motivation that made him an antagonist just felt... contrived and overdone. Mad god of war? Hellbent on revenge? Wanting to watch the world burn to spite the other Gods? C'mon, ppl. I did love the expansion as a whole, but Balthazar was a weak point in my opinion. I think I would've preferred a trajectory similar to the one you lay out, personally, barring some minor adaptions. Unfortunately, we've learned S3 was more or less written on the fly. A sadly typical st
  9. I actually just finished playing through the personal story yesterday as a Sylvari, and I still find Trehearne incredibly dry as a character. The voice acting isn't as bad as I remember it, but he still sounds incredibly lifeless to me.
  10. That norn are the descendants of Kodan. I believe there are some hints, or at least lines to draw, that point to this being possible. I don’t remember if there’s really any evidence or confirmation in game, though. Edit: I also love the theory/idea that Drakkar and Teq are the scions of their respective EDs as Aurene is to Glint is to Kralk.
  11. You literally quoted me, and only me, in your comment. If you're not talking to me, you shouldn't quote me in your comment. Learn how to use the quote function properly.
  12. Did I say it was fine? I said it was less egregious. Your reading comprehension needs some work. Also if you don’t understand the difference in cost between 3 items of a limited set vs 6 items of a full set I don’t know how to help you.
  13. It is annoying, but less egregious than 6 pieces of armor. Still, it isn’t a full set. But this is just one of many promises ANet has decided to break.
  14. Yeah personally very disappointed to see this. It was one thing to sell a full set of armor for 700ish gems, but selling 6 individual pieces of armor in the same set for several hundred gems each is just yucky.
  15. Who do you think you’re kidding? None of that says anything about Bangar. It’s just more of the vagaries I already mentioned. Also if you think one — again, very vague — line from Aurene and two sentences in a story journal most players ignore is sufficient writing, there’s not much pointing having a conversation on quality storytelling or character development with you.
  16. Except the writing NEVER makes this clear. We're just left to assume reasons, and even then she just seems aloof half the time. It's only toward the end of Champions they make her indecision more explicit. You're basically crafting fan fiction for Aurene's thought process, as none of this is ever really explored through our interactions with her. If anything, the clearest indication we have for her hesitation is based on her interactions with Jormag as they try to pick apart her worldview. If she was torn up about Bangar's response to her, we'd never know it.
  17. I am having difficulty completing these achievements. I've probably played through Dragonstorm upwards of 20 times at this point, and it's hard to even get in position for the AoE circles -- let alone time the dodges. Most of the time Braham is far away from the Apocalypse Rain AoEs (which I assume is when Primordus cronches on the boulders and the bits go flying in random directions), so I can't even get to the AoE in time to attempt a dodge. If I am able to get there, I have to angle my camera up to try to follow the projectile and try to dodge just before it hits. I always seem
  18. Try not to strain any muscles when reaching this far! ❤️
  19. I mean the writer(s) they hired are no name nobodies so what do you expect. This is a weird thing to focus on. You can write a fantastic story being a “no name nobody,” and you can write a bad/poorly received story even if you’re incredibly famous. Literally every writer is a “no name nobody” until they achieve success/recognition for their work. Whether or not Champions failed or succeeded has nothing to do with the notoriety of the writers.
  20. I didn’t mind it, but like many have said I think there should’ve been more time between her death and resurrection. Give our character and companions more time to be affected by that loss.
  21. I’ve also struggled with these events. They are pretty complex to tackle alone, and the content is pretty dead now and on core maps to boot, which aren’t always as populated as newer maps/maps with lucrative metas.
  22. No more Braham, please. Don’t bring him to Cantha. I need a long, long break from him. This would be a good moment to retire him for the foreseeable future. I don’t want him taking the spotlight from underserved characters anymore.
  23. I wish the male version was also a set of heels. There are some nice flamboyant or androgynous aesthetics I’d like to play with if only the game would enable me.
  24. Yeah, honestly I’m aching for some design equity in this game. Personally, if it’s skimpy or sleek on female characters, the aesthetic should look similar on male characters. FF14 does a pretty good job of this. GW2 has gotten a little better over the years, but there could be better parity.
  25. What’s more unfortunate to me is Dragonstorm and Teq often start at the same time, so usually I can only make one or the other that day. Would be nice to be able to get the gold reward from both instead of having to choose one.
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