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Feeling Weak

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Hey, im a lvl 80 Warrior going for the berserker tree. I have exotic rabid gear, dual swords, condition dmg build, but i feel extremely weak. No matter where i am i have to struggle, so my question is: is there something i can do to get stronger? 

i see all the high level players doing insane dmg even with the area scaling and wonder what do i have to do to feel little stronger.  

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Do you have trinkets? And are they ascended? Also is all gear level 80 and not just exotic.


I sometimes leave my trinkets on another character or in the bank so one of my characters might not be as strong as they should.


Unfortunately I play with mine as a power build and use greatsword and axe/shield usually. I was doing regular warrior for the longest time but finally got around to switching to Berserker and I enjoy the build. I've not attempted setting up a condi build yet for warrior. I did get a second warrior that I have unlocked Spellbreaker but that's as far as I got with her... I thought it would be funny to have an asura warrior hence that character 🤣

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18 minutes ago, erapago.4387 said:

What kind of content are you usually playing? If it's open world, condition warrior will struggle there. Most of warrior's great open world builds are power based. Open to trying that?

That is only because most stuff die before conditions ramp up. Having stuff die before you get done hitting them shouldn't result in feeling weak.

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What runes are you running? With all rabid, your condi duration isn't going to be long. Grabbing some runes/sigils that can grant you some expertise would help (some cheap and easy options would be things like Rune of the Afflicted or of the Lich and sigils like Sigil of Agony or Smoldering). Might also swap a couple pieces of that rabid for rampager's, to trade a little toughness for more power. For open world, it might help to give yourself some more space/range, so you might consider grabbing a longbow for your other weapon set (if you do this and are condi, make sure to take the trait "crack shot" in the Discipline line so your auto attacks inflict burning). If you're going for berzerker tree, you could likewise give a try to a torch to swap with off with your off-hand sword. Berzerker's condi traits particularly benefit burning and the torch (another reason why the longbow is good for condition berzerker, as it also focuses burning, at least with "crack shot" traited).


As a broader point, condi builds work only when you're piling on big stacks. Sword/sword makes this a bit tough, as only skills 1 and 4 reliably can build stacks. Adding in one of those weapons to swap to when your sword's condi skills are on cooldown will let you keep up the pressure. Likewise, the heart of berzerker is in landing a lot of bursts. Bringing a rage skill or two can help extend your berzerker stance and land more bursts.

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Its seems u invested much into bleed damage, try maximize the burn ticks/duration. bleed should be secondary damage not primary.

Bleeding is atm one most weaks condi damage, i have a full condi soulbeast, that apply 30 stacks of bleed sometimes, and still weak.

Other hand i have a condi burn guard. 10~15 tick of burn melt everything.

So the way is invest in burn.

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