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Cele Vindicator vs. Power Vindicator comparison?

Syvaris Laskaris.5247

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Just my opinion,

I like power vindy for general use , it can do quite ok 

condi vindy I use for boss or event with limit time.  Power don’t work well if you have to hit and dodge boss hit. ( must hit to do damage) On opposite, condi can poison boss continuously while you hit and run.


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On 4/21/2022 at 2:06 PM, Virdo.1540 said:

Celestial vindicator in pve is pretty bad. But for open world you can solo everything. 


In fracs ,raids,... you shouldnt try cele vindicator.

celestial or zealot just makes some skills on victor stronger and the spec much worse in everything else...

ill keep saying victor being team restorantion  ritualist  wanabe was a wrong designt for it....

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OW PvE anything can work well with the OW jade boosts. Beyond that cele vindi is nooooot verrry gooooood. LOL.

Like, sure you can bunker pretty hard with a few of the traits but when you want to actually do real damage, anything over 20kdps, it's very high intensity for very little back. For reference, power vindi with shiro upkeep skill, you can get more than 20k dps on s/s auto-attacking. You'd get way more out of doing what I do: Run power vindi for anything elite and below(or it has just the FATTEST hitbox). It annihilates trash(and THICC hitboxes). But anything stronger than that, such as more than 1 elite, keep a viper ren in your other equip/trait slots, and then just bind them to hotkeys in the controls. Best of both worlds.

Vindi is about going in hard, healing or strike dps. I doubt there even IS a comparably good PvE cele build for vindi, instanced content or not, and chances are there won't be until the spec gets a rework. As it stands now you're kinda forcing the spec to do something it was never really designed to do, and your effort would be better spent dual speccing.

I personally wish it was different, but all celestial does on vindi is sacrifice DPS for more healing when you're DPS-ing, and sacrifice healing for DPS when you're healing.

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General PvE celestial works great, it's pretty hard to get killed in a hybrid spec with celestial and Vindicator is no exception. When you get a dozen mobs on you just switch to blue skills for a while to increase sustain. I tend to run it with Jalis. But yeah obviously the damage it deals is going to be lacklustre since Vindicator doesn't offer much in the way of condition damage bonuses.

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