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[PvE] More boons for the staff?


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On 4/21/2022 at 10:09 AM, Valisha.8650 said:

Warriors are getting quickness, rangers are getting alacrity. Perhaps it would be a good time to rework the staff skills, so that they provide some important boon or two as well. This weapon is practically dead in PvE, outside of some niche minion builds.

I would love a rework to the staff auto into a chain attack  maybe and maybe change staff skill 2 into something a bit more useful but 3-5 are fine as they are. I also dont think they should just dump boons on the staff either. Can we have access to marks across a few other necro weapons maybe similar too guardian symbols while we are at it. 

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Staff getting boons would be ... questionable to me. Very little in the Necro toolset supports spamming self boons and it doesn't seem an appropriate theme for the weapon. Staff lacks something but boons doesn't feel like the answer. 

IMO, simple fix is to change Piercing on Staff 1 to ground target AOE. Piercing is ... stupid. Mobs simply don't 'line up' nicely to take advantage of this. 

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just upgrade the way of acquiring the already given benefits or intended benefits of using staff skills.  For ex: staff 2 us supposed to give regen(heal) to self+allies and small aoe dps. Just make it non mark skill with better effects. Change autoattack to literally anything else fluid honestly, it is supposed to do mediocre to low damage while giving lf for the more you cleave. These skills are very outdated imo.

Other skills i think are mostly fine because they have very specific uses in necro kit.


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i think staff is okay.

as heal-scourge you frequently spam 2 to get some regen going and it's great for tagging a lot of mobs in metaevents without killing them to fast (so others can tag 'em too).


other than that, it's not needed but i don't think that's an issue, there are other weapons we can use for those situations imo.

and i doubt anet buffs staff enough so it's better than another weapon in it's best-case scenario like... staff becoming the best condi-weapon instead of scepter? probably never gonna happen.

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