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I need your opinion. Who is stronger in pvp - vindicator or herald?

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Yes heralds are unquestionably better. Vindicator is just clunky. And since the traited dodge and GS5 does not carry the kit any longer, it's quite evident that heralds are just harder, better, faster, stronger. One would have to be some daft punk to suggest otherwise.

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From what I see in ATs, Vindicator is arguably stronger when put with organized team comps, and especially against heavy condi DPS. Vindicator next to a good support is definitely the superior team fighter.

Power Herald is definitely the better + though.

I don't think this is really about "Is Herald or Vindicator better?" but more so about when should you use Herald or when should you use Vindicator, and how to play their different roles correctly.

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Herald is stronger than Vin. That said Willbender is stronger than herald this current moment. That'll probably change soon though. Wb is almost immune to condi, more mobility because they don't rely on energy. They have much more sustain in a team fight because they're virtues and healing. Glint heal can be big but is very short. You see a lot more Willbender's in higher elo's than you see Heralds. Just to reiterate: Herald is stronger than vin rn, but Wb is stronger than Herald. It's never been about "Can my class do that" It's always been about "What class does that better"

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Depends on what legends you use which can define +1 or side noder, but Vindicator/Core are arguably better at teamfights with their clears/damage reduction even with Shiro compared Herald linear effects of simply giving boons, much of what S/S does is lost value in teamfights because of it's single target/lesser damage when hitting multiple targets. Using Axe can redeem some of that since it has an unblockable AoE and possibility for unblockable AoE CC.


F2 on Shiro Herald and Rising Momentum are honestly the key features that makes it able to be better than the others at +1.


Renegade is okay but mostly a divergence from Core Hammer into Shortbow for smaller more focus set of attacks. Better at +1? Somewhat depending if you would rather do it from a safe distance compared having melee but is more vulnerable.

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13 minutes ago, Trevor Boyer.6524 said:

This thread needs to take a new direction.

Maybe this isn't about if Herald or Vindicator is better.

Maybe this is more about, is Willbender better than both of them?

Vengeful Hammers are quite a menace to Guardians so I'd argue it depends. (Not really given no one actually plays Jalis seriously.)


Much of all of Rev players potential is put into offense without any defense but Infuse Light, Facet of Chaos is hardly used defensively.

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