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Please stop asking for nerfs or changes..


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Sadly I have to repeat myself but stop asking it.


If you wish for a balance. There are tons of classes that can be boonstrip/dps and vulnerability stack same time in your build.


Sadly 80% follows meta and probally cant figure out anything else. All you have the do is have atleast each party squad 1 or maybe 2 heavy boonstrip/dps. Stealth. If you have that believe me the enemy backline will melt down or few of them. I won't say you will win the fight but then you need to figure out how sample fight choke points or pessure them always depends on the sistution of the fight.


The reason why old wvw days was so succesful is cause a lot got changed but there was also hardcore fight guilds fight fast, smart, training and even make none meta builds and didnt even had arc dps meters..


Want nasty front, range boonstrip dps class? Try 

virtuoso. Want the build? Teach yourself the class, read the traits and you will for sure figure it out instead of following easy mode way by meta's...

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Game is so perfect almost all of my friends list is offline (composted of wvw roamers and duelists). Please stop asking for changes, those last few people are proving tenacious and are still playing the game. Lets get them OUT!

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15 hours ago, Ghost.7032 said:



15 hours ago, Ghost.7032 said:

The reason why old wvw days was so succesful is cause a lot got changed but there was also hardcore fight guilds fight fast, smart, training

One of the major the reason old WvW was succesful was because group stealth was harder to accomplish and easy to mess up tho. You traded your thieves initiative for stealth and it wasn't doable if you had any untrained people with you. Also sorry to say but "Stealth one push fights" aren't fights.

Do note that stealthing open field and not being spotted is kind of impossible and almost all commanders/guilds around primetime tag off as soon as there is nothing willing to fight them fair and square around south side of the borderlands. Question is why? Well defenders having stealth advantage is major factor but claim buffs, gliding and tactics with lords being tankier while scaling also off defender numbers don't make it particularly fun either. So WvW didn't go downhill because guilds are focusing on arcdps but rather the fact that they made it unfun to do anything else than have fights openfield. People aren't stupid, Anet is. Because they don't play their own game.

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I also believe that the players are not stupid but I also believe that anet are not stupid. we are passionate players of this mode. each of us has different experiences and has different groups of friends and has fun in different ways. that's the beauty of it.

consequently each of us wishes differently, we come here on the forum and express our wishes or whatever we would like to see change, because according to our personal gaming experience it would lead to an improvement of anything that could be our personal priority.

someone would like to change the transfers, someone would like to change the defense parameters of the structures, someone would like to change the targhet limit, someone would like changes to their favorite class etc etc.


it is normal, it is our vision as an enthusiast and as a consumer. arenanet, on the other hand, has a much broader vision as an administrator. there may be 1000 different reasons to justify the management of this mode. it is they who see the flows every day of this mode. it is they who choose what is needed and what is not needed for this mode. it is they who know the limits of this mode.

if you invest too much and well in wvw you could get a flow even double what they see today, but it could worsen our experience or could create more problems to anet than the benefits. I do not know mine remains a limited view as a consumer. some small news has been given to this mode even recently, I can not deny it, unfortunately for me they do not coincide with my personal desires. patience.

as a fan of wvw as soon as I am free from commitments at the end of the day I connect, and I still have so much fun after many years, every time I find myself in a different situation is never the same, and it is precisely for this reason that I will continue to chedere anet everything I want for this mode.what I really miss and that I thought I would find in this section of the forum,   it is an easy and serene dialogue with someone from the anet team.

probably a business choice, which I find absolutely wrong , if we could freely dialogue about anything with anet , I am convinced that it would be of considerable help to everyone, player and developer. but that's just my thought.

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