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Wing4 Emboldened Mode - No CM rewards [Merged]

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We went into Wing 4 and did the Cairn and Mursaat Overseer bosses on challenge mode (logs included). Afterwards however we did not receive any CM rewards chest.

Cairn: https://dps.report/aloQ-20220905-214642_cairn
MO: https://dps.report/UJ4V-20220905-215421_mo


I've seen another report which states not manually disabling emboldened mode is what causes this. We also did not manually disable emboldened.

Emboldened SHOULD be removed (and was, during these fights), upon activating CM however. Something might be going wrong on this front.

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Hi ANet Team, any updates on whether this is fixed?


It's still a pain point for my raid static and for my guildies' raid statics. Not just W4, but all raid CMs. (Even though the update notes said this got fixed, it still isn't.)


IIRC, a guildie even did a spreadsheet on the income they lose by doing the CM...but they didn't get rewards since 1 person switched toons and had a stack of emboldened while others didn't.


It's especially painful that we need to redo the activate and deactivate process for every raid boss and every DC/alt switch.

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