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Recent Balance Patch


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So does anyone else feel like the recent balance patch really didnt change much? Based on the patch notes it almost feels like underperforming specs were left the same and in the dirt while over performing specs had a minor spreadload that wont change the meta? The class bias is still there for sure and the devs have really let me down on this one.

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23 minutes ago, felix.2386 said:

the only thing i hope is that after specter nerf, daredevil does not come back.

no matter how bad the meta is, will always be more fun compared to a daredevil meta

I was against a vault dd the other day, it was doing 8k vaults on me at least and one hit me for 12k. I'll be hella scared to face off against that every game.

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Considering having fun on my meme mortar scrapper build is the only thread keeping me PvPing on rare occasions, I most likely won't be touching the game mode after this patch. 

Going to enjoy it while it lasts, then it's time for a LONG break from GW2. 

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