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[URGENT] Looking for anything with sleeves - or mayby a dead bird

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Hey there,

No, I'm not looking for fashion tips or help.
Instead I'm here to look for anything irl with sleeves. Clearly a member of Arenanet lost a few of their clothes after the company posted the summer road map on the 13th of july 2022.
In the post it clearly stated: "We might still have a few surprises up our sleeve for the summer months!".    (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-summer-roadmap-and-july-19-update-preview/)
With the summer months now behind us, the surprises either got lost or this has been a dead bird to begin with.
There have been no surprises so far, everything announced has been released, new gem store items are never a surprise, sale's are not been a surprise around the anniversary. Multiple art streams are not surprising.

So a request to y'all, please check every sleeve you can find, maybe the lost clothes have ended up with you, and if so, please return those surprises in those sleeves so Arenanet can share them with us all.

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Complaining? Hardly! Just trying to give a fun twist to something that felt lacking to me.

The free mount and other freebies that were all part of the announced anniversary? Nope, sure got them.
I get the point, we did not know what would be included for the anniversary. But with the announcement it was (at least for me and others I talked with) expected that they would be doing something. It also would include more then just the revival orb and teleport to friends, since those are often given away for free, and would not warrant the "surprises up our sleeves" treatment.

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Mayby? It really feels weird reading the roadmap again and not having anything these months that clearly hinted to those surprises.

Also note that the quote is placed within the Roadmap section of the announcements. Which kind of suggests something of content, and not something like "we're giving away freebies during our announced anniversary".  So anything from community events (What happened to those!? I enjoyed them 😞 ), to a new gen3 legendary variant, to some unannounced content or event.

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They may be talking about season 1 as new content? Which it is for many players. I can understand the disappointment. It happens when you expect too much and get too hyped. About gen 3 legendary variant though. Didn't Kralkatorrik variant release after this? I am not sure about the exact date, but it's been around for a month now? 


A lot happened outside of this as well. Steam release, world boss overhaul, balance patches, twitch events and probably more, but that's what I remember. And don't forget they are working on the forth expansion as well. Fixing things that already is in game is a good thing. It may seem boring since no brand new content is released, but it is needed.

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Both season 1 episode 3 and 4, the kralk variant,  world boss overhaul and also four winds, 4th wvw overhaul beta, and the anniversary (yes, also the twitch drops are a part of the anniversary) were part of the roadmap. 
The "Core update" seems to be both the balance to the core classes and the new beginner achievements.
The link is in my original post.

Looking back to the dates now, one of the surprises could have been the release date for the steam launch. The launch itself wasn't news, but it finally having a date was. (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/studio-update-guild-wars-2-tenth-anniversary-and-steam-launch-on-august-23/)

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Anet still confuses people with poor communication.


Conspiracy Theory: Anet is offering a wide range of 20% off sales after the Anniversary period because people didn't actually buy much stuff from the Gem Shop during the Anniversary.  Likely due to the atrocious communication about what was or was not going to be on sale, or when.

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