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Make dungeon lfg singural like raids and strikes and fix achievements

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They all have the same currency now and there are usually less groups in the lfg than the number of dungeons. Make dungeons lfg have the training and experienced categories too instead of one for each dungeon.

Also fix the description of achievements and some objects which still mentions old currency like tears of ascalon.

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Already said in the past that deungon lfg could use a main category where all squads are also listed for the people just wanting to have any dungeon group. It really only makes more sense now with the consolidated currency, possibly stick to two categories though: story and explorable. Although having just one would still be ok I guess.

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I suggested removing all the unused entries in LFG in the past and got mocked for it.


But I'll suggest it again:


-> Dungeons (Story, Training)

-> Dungeons (Experienced)

-> Fractals (T1-T3 , Training)

-> Fractals (Experienced)

-> Response Missions -- merges DRMs, Tower of Nightmares, Twisted Marionette, etc. into one system.

-> Strike Missions (Daily & Weekly, Training)

-> Strike Missions (Experienced)

-> Raids (Weekly Emboldened, Training)

-> Raids (Experienced)

-> Raids (Selling)

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17 hours ago, IAmNotMatthew.1058 said:

Compressing all Dungeon categories into one wouldn't be bad, making separate Training and Experienced categories is redundant.
We'd still end up with a single empty category in place of 8.

I doubt it, unlike strikes a lot of new players play dungeons compared to experienced ones.

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It would be a lot more practical to merge all dungeons into a single category. The experienced/beginner divide can be done in LFG description. Most groups I see either fall into "lvl 80 exp" or "chill run, all welcome" and they state that in the description.

Slightly off-topic, I wish there was a dungeon lobby with merchants and stylized doors. Having to do events to unlock dungeons is not immersive, it's just frustrating.

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i support merging in general. if there were tons of people doing each category then it would be fine, but theres not. merge it up.  only side thing i have is i think having different for exp and training is dumb. exp groups just say exp in their description like they have always done. the biggest challenge will be anet should hire an intern or something to ban run sellers, that crap is annoying. 

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There's three things I'd like to see with dungeons and lfg.

One is like what you suggest. Just a single category "Dungeons" and people can describe whatever dungeon. 

Two is that dungeons can be accessed through the fractal lobby.

"What's those crazy asura doing now? You say you can now a calibratable portal terminal that unlocks any dungeon for selection (either story or exploration) that you (or a party member) completed the story instance for, teleporting you and your party into the dungeon instantly? Amazing! What's that, if you join a lfg from the fractal lobby or Mistlock Sanctuary (e.g., same as fractal parties),  you'll get the party popup to join notification too? How convenient! Glorious!"

Three is an actual Daily Dungeon achievement (similar to living world zone dailies) that cycles through the Dungeons and gives bonus currency and karma pots to push dungeon enjoyers to focus on a certain dungeon that day. Harder dungeons like Arah can offer even more bonus currency.

You may say, 

On 11/11/2022 at 10:04 PM, Incurve Giidis.7829 said:

then u have lvl 30's peeking into arah runs

Well, good! Why not? Better than zero lvl 80's. It'd probably actually be a pretty good time. People can also just specify in their lfg post lvl 75+ or whatever as well.

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