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Rodgort design Footprints literally non existend, pls update equal to other legendarys

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i have started the game since the release,

after more than 10 years i now succesfully made my first Gen 1legendary wepon.

It is a Rodgord torch. I have been completely disappointed from it´s footprint design.

It is literally non existend. Can you update the design equal to other legendary wepons like Frostfang or Kedzu?

P.S i´m sorry for my spelling mistakes, english is not my native language.

greetings Roy

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It could use something more unique instead of using incinerator's effects too anyways. Take more advantage of it's dragon theme like making a fire dragon coiled around arm and footfalls leaving dragon heads biting upwards or something.

It'd also be nice if we could choose between which footfalls to show~ offhand or mainhand. Rodgort's the only non-thief legendary I've made cuz it's a cool pet^^

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