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Any zerg build for mesmer


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No not really, your other option is probably Mirage with Greatsword. 

The Virtuoso utilities can do okay damage and you could run Inspiration with bladesongs just to heal. 

There are options but Chronomancer is definitely the king of Zergs much like how Druid is for Ranger. 

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I assume this is talking about WvW group play since Chronomancer with a shield is mentioned, which is the only build commonly recommended for WvW group play, even when it's more a niche that we won't want to have too many in a squad.

I believe so far the only other option is glass cannon Virtuoso, which I have been playing for quite some time now. This is the build I am running with: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAEh3llyWZWMVmLOOLZRLA-z1QYhom2DaHio3BpZIUPBqUBmOABsHeAA-w

Mantra of Concentration can be swapped for something else if you got enough stability support in your party. After Mantra got reverted back to be able to charge, this is a powerful stability skill with 15 seconds cooldown. Note that the tooltip for Power Break is wrong. Instead of granting 3 stacks, it's actually granting 5 stacks. Anet forgot they buffed it before in WvW.

My overall conclusion about Virtuoso is that, after they fixed Psychic Riposte, it becomes good from being just viable. I can much more reliably hit with Bladesong Harmony and Bladesong Sorrow. The burst if done right is pretty good, at the same time stripping quite a lot of boons. It's not at the level of Scourge or Spellbreaker, but Virtuoso's damage is much higher than Scourge now, not to mention it's mostly strong burst.

The weakness beside susceptible to conditions is, it doesn't have good melee cleave. If the squad is melee heavy, other classes might work better. This is more or less a pirate ship build.

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