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Repeatable WvW Weekly, carried forward etc


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I  complete WvW weekly on the first day of reset, have completed all weekly since it'd implementation. with that said. 

I would like to suggest that WvW weekly be repeatable and carried forward what ever has been done for everyone,  those who play more gets more and helps those who actually cannot complete their weekly in the give week.

also please check out this thread. there are people who actually cannot complete their weekly.


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I'd rather they put in additional memories of battle instead of resonating slivers honestly. With the change to objective scaling it really doesn't make sense to put in so much effort for the weekly, as almost every capture has a ticket except for if you only have bronze level event participation and the same goes for T3 defenses.

The main problem with having it repeatable as it is now is if it rewards tickets then capping SMC is disproportionate to everything else. Repeats would need to reward memories of battle or something.

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If they were going to change it, I would like it more how it is on the festivals, where it is a status bar that fills up as you do various events. Given there are now more events than the 6 required for the weekly, I sometimes find I have a bit of progress in all 8, but still quite a bit short of the weekly.


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