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Charr turning into liquid [Merged]

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Honestly, I'm not sure if this even counts as an "Art" issue anymore.

This transcends mere art, and is almost reaching the levels of "long charr".


Charr now turn into liquid, when they use the zipline riding animations. Gliders that use the animation also work.

Seems to trigger only after existing in a map for a while. Doesn't happen on every glider/zipline use, unless there's enough time between them.

Very reliably reproduced, by just waiting a bit (few minutes at most) before using a zipline.


They told me I could be anything, so I became a garbled mess.

Also happens with the riding broom novelty item, so you can do it on the ground.


PS. Charr also still break their wrists, if they idle with a greatsword unseathed.

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Sometimes my character model is glitching into the glide skin ( named something with magic). I did a screenshot but im a boomer and dont know how to place that here...


Edit: ok nvm propably i must post those  screens somewhere like imgur and type their URL over here...

If someone has a spellweaver glider skin, can check that out in game? Especialy on charr race.

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I was able to log into a charr character in Divinity's Reach, take the scroll portal to Arborstone, and get this on the very first zipline I took. Then she looked normal on 2 ziplines afterwards but broken again on the third. I did not cast any spells or use any novelties.


Very weird. It may be tough for Anet to reproduce, but something is definitely wrong with charr.


Edit: OK, I can keep getting it just by standing around while I read a thread before alt-tabbing back in to try a zipline.


something is not right

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Yep, feels like a 50% chance to be strangled by a zip line as a Charr instead of riding on it.

Well, better than being unmerged each time when taking a  zip line as a Soulbeast. Wait! I have a Charr Ranger.

At least we don't have any clipping issues with our armor and the male voice actor doesn't sound like being gagged. So much Charr love, I can barely stand it.

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