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Next expansion needs a tutorial for spvp with premade builds.


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4 hours ago, oujiboardspamname.1932 said:

Builds don't solve mechanics, and the only way to learn the mechanical side of life is to get your kitten handed to you until you get tired of it imo. 

It's funny, because 90% of effectiveness in GW2 pvp boils down to copying a fotm build off of metabattle that's so completely busted and idiot-proof it can carry virtually anyone. If the mode was even remotely balanced then mechanical skill might matter, but as it is it's basically just a Dunning-Kruger reinforcement system through it's meta being a rotating assortment of nigh impossible to kitten up, rock/paper/scissors, tricycle specs that let even the worst players feel competitive.

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The last expansion that came with PvP features was the very first one: HoT in 2015. The PoF era saw a few additions through random patches, but that dried up quickly and we haven't gotten anything beside balance patches for 5 years...  I think SotO will bury PvP for good.
Improperly decoupling weapons from elite specialisations will cause untold chaos, and even if the devs manage to sort it out in a year(for PoF it took them 3), the new X-pac is already dropping by then, ushering in a new age of <REDACTED>. Meaning we will never have balance as good again as we have right now... and I don't think the devs care. PvP doesn't matter.

You'll get new reward tracks(yeah, multiple ones, I'm quite optimistic) for some of the new currecies/rewards, and that's all you can realisticly hope for.

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