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Just dropping in to say bladesworn is still extremely lame


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Anet really said "outheal damage remix" then made warriors outheal damage again instead of allowing them to hit hard on power builds

Actually allergic to skillful damage delivery. camp/mechanic wars 2 always. 

.0001 seconds until they nerf it but also passive-aggressively nerf power builds again because that's literally the balance flowchart for warrior. 

All is vain

I'm sorry for whoever I hurt and set on this quest to make sure power zerk sucks. 

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1 hour ago, HawaiianDreads.5473 said:

Oddly enough I don't have too much of a  issue with Bladesworns. Granted their sustain is pretty dumb. The warrior build I have issue with is the freaking condi zerker who have sustain and can pump multiple dots on you like their no issue. Granted I use condi cleanse but never matter in the long run.

"We think warrior is in a good place right now" incoming lol

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i think it's really silly that i could dodge every single dragon trigger, artillery slash, whatever else, literally everything but gunsaber 1 bullets and i would still eventually lose the sustain war as a ranged projectile user

if counters that hard are going to exist in game then how come the jet stream sam wannabe's not equally hard countered by something, or i don't do it to someone else

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1 minute ago, magickthief.6492 said:

Classes with lots of unblockable boon removal have the ability to end most of the war builds  ability to 2 v1 that are meta today, just saying.


S/D Thief

yeah I can sometimes beat bladesworn with condi reaper. not often tho. 

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2 hours ago, Myror.7521 said:

Juust Play condi virtuoso with unblockable/blind shatters and scepter/Pistol, Axe/Shield. Problem solved now the warrior will have 0 chance to Counter Play you in any meant way xD

Condi virtuoso needs just as aggressive a balancing. I don't care if it's slow, perpetually unhittable is never good. 

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