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qheal scrapper November 28 big buff

Noah Salazar.5430

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In my opinion qheal scrapper will get big buff in pve

-> Blast gyro will have only 15s now, also Adional Protection on f1 and f5 with anticorosion plating you no longer need rely on elixir gun as much, alowing you to take riffle turret for fury witchout as much pain like before

-> Now you can have aoe 2 stab on f5, 3 aoe stab on defence field, and aoe stunbreak got 20s cd (insted of 30s), making it nice for fractals, solwing it previous stab problems

-> Bandage Blast: This skill will now directly target up to 5 allies, making it much more easier to heal burst+ regen aplication 

I realy like upcoming changes, add aoe fury to blast gyro yet so i no need pick stationary skill (rifle turret) on mobile  elite spec, and i can die happy


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7 hours ago, EnderzShadow.2506 said:

To what level of play? I don't think I'll make it to plat 3 😆. If I can play high gold low play I'll be happy playing a support scrapper.

Whatever your actual rank is, if you start spamming support scrapper, you'll tank two divisions down, probably. So g3->g1 probably. It just doesn't function properly right now. Gets absolutely destroyed by condis and can't handle burst strike damage either. Has unreliable rezzing, Lacks stunbreaks, defensive CDs, trait dyssynergy, etc. 

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