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Hotjoin is more competetive - Bring it back

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15 hours ago, Ruufio.1496 said:

Yup. Ranked and unranked. All the issues that exist that cannot be rectified. Matches are inherently unfair in terms of teams, matchmaking and afkers/quitters, etc. Matches are inherently unfair in hotjoin. Difference is that hotjoin isn't toxic AF and is actually fun. Let's see... what are people more likely to play? Something that is INSTANT and takes 1 kitten click and BOOM YOU'RE IN TADA or 10 mins waiting and then voting for a map and then leemao waiting for match to begin every single time and THEN you are LOCKED into that team of random kitten people that you cannot leave until it is done and if you try to, or disconnect, the game literally tells you how awful you are and bans you temporarily. Wow. What a way to dedicate your time lol. It's like a kitten chore to enter a SPvP match. The original implementation of SPvP with hotjoin and tournaments was superior in every way and you're WRONG if you think otherwise - factually wrong. The SPvP playerbase proves it. No argument. Hot join is better in every way.

Most of the people here dnt remember hot join. Your right though - its a far better option than unranked. Unranked has always been ridiculous. Its literally the same mode w/o badges. At least hotjoin/ranked would off two different play styles. Also for the love of God bring back Raid (not revenge) on Capricorn for hot join and unranked. If your not gonna invest more into our mode at least let us have more fun.... Jesus. 

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1 minute ago, Bunbury.8472 said:

conversely I think hot join is so uncompetitive and casual it was a great place for people to practice and play in a stress free environment.

I believe pop would be more alive if it existed still.

Amen brother - Amen 

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hot join is good for getting people into the game

it's also good for them getting more used to pvp

also, they get to avoid the experience of being farmed at spawn for a whole game by my guild team while I heal them


every week I make more unranked players quit pvp, but what am I supposed to do ArenaNet????? cmon

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Hotjoin would be nice for like a pvp bootcamp to let people feel out how games work without committing. 

A lot of players in the game are afraid of committing to an event that they could be personally responsible for fail state, so giving them a buffer to figure out if they're good enough to be responsible for that is important. 


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I do not think it works in a small-scaled environment like the 5 vs 5. I played another game though where it was team based and 10-20 vs 10-20. There it works - cause the single player is not that important. Auto-balancing if a lot on one side leave (which we currently have already in some "activities") and on join of a new player them being assigned to the team with less people.

Would really like to see a 10-20 vs 10-20 mode with longer match duratoin (average duratoin should be between 20-40 minutes maybe).

But hotjoin in a 5 vs 5 where pro players can farm/solo multiple weaker players? Not a good idea. Game modes with more players on the map leave room to different mechanics and objectives - forcing the team to split. Making positioning and where you move and how you split ... more important vs the solo combat (1 vs x) skills.

Sadly ... they only work like forever on the alliances/world restructuring in WvW. And for PvP nothing is announced. Not even a new map. (Though for conquest we alrady have enough maps - for the 5 vs 5. Needs different modes to try out for fun. Stronghold was crap though. Too much PvE crap in the map - with onyl the NPCs being able to damage the door.)

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Funny as it is, Hotjoin back then was indeed more comepetitive than todays Mats, and you did meet a lot of good player those days, easy more skilled than the ppl getting gizmos over the last years (outside of R55), which are often the same who are wintrading their top10+ titles in ranked. Oui Oui Oui...

But the game was not that dead back then, tho who cares now i guess.

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