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Small Scale WvW Meta Sucks

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3 minutes ago, ascii.1369 said:

Well, that is what Anet usually does whenever there is an issue with thief 😂

I thought they always nerfed warrior when thief is overperforming...😆

Either way, when you see all 3 thief elite specs topping Vallun's tier list for WvW roaming, before mesmer, warrior or engineer even have their first entry, then you know something is borked.

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15 minutes ago, Zepoolpe.9217 said:

Wait? A reason is needed for nerfing mesmers? 😮

I mean there is always reasons for all:

* Mesmers, they will will 4 v1 you with clones and out vote if you try and debate them about it

* Thief, they will just vanish from the conversation, and steal your fries, rude dude

* Ele, earth, air, fire and water, but do they weigh as much as a duck so shouldn't we be able to.....

* Ranger, dude what are you doing with that ferret!? And stop enslaving all those other animals!

* Engi, more toys then an onlyfans content provider

* Necro, getting funky with dead things, umm isn't that illegal some where?

* War, big stick, smash smash, why you run away

* Guard, ashes to ashes, ouch I am not a hotdog on stick stop it and why can't I actually hit you

* Rev, they can kill you blindfolded, what up with that!?

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