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Tyrian Taste Testing - Narcisse Step

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The event required to allow purchase of the item from Narcisse--and the one preceeding it--are heavily bugged, not spawning for over an hour. The event flag needs to be removed from this NPC for the sake of obtaining this step. Even if the events were working properly, two events totalling over 30 minutes of waiting, one of which is inconsistently clearable solo anyway, should never be a requirement.

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Confirmed. Either set the event on a timer respawning regularly. And maybe fix it. (Not sure if it sometimes does not spawn at all regardless of whether you did the other steps or not.) Or remove event completion requirement for this achievement.

Wiki doesn't even have the full info - would nice to get a dev confirmation: Is it actually tied to the other events? (Event chain.) Been here 20 minutes since having finished the last step from  Ziel. But the wiki mentions the other event (with the flute/pets) and the Narcisse event starting 3-4 minutes after that one is finished.

The odd thing is: Nothing seems to restart here? Are those events now once per every map reset? (= finishing it and you have to wait after the next meta to do it again?)
I thought events would restart regularly. (At least this seems to happen in other bastions. Or used to happen when I played more on the map for normal events - months ago.)

Edit: Most likely tied to both (Forro and the Zizel event chain) or only the Zizel event chain since that one moves through the greenhouse. After I could switch maps it worked ... Forro events done first. Then the Zizel event chain finished. After that it spawned. I just wonder ... since in the other map I did not see anything spawn for 20 minutes after doing the Zizel event chain. Maybe it also can spawn after the Forro event only - as long as the other event chain is not running (first step started but not finished - the second might interfer ... the escord). Could lead to bugs.

I doubt they have timers like 30 or 45 or even longer - when usually events restart after 10-20 minutes and at least the other events should have restarted but after 20 minutes no event at all in that bastion I got the option to map change. (Most people most have left making it empty.) Here on the new map I already have the Forro event (checkd while writing this ... only tabbed out a bit for a few minutes). I guess some for some order - when doing the events - this will lead to bugs with the checks in the background.

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