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What could make frontline soulbeast work in wvw?


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More AoE/cleave oriented melee weapon attacks?Non-selfish sustain utility options? A rework of the traps to be decent AoE options?Getting to share the full duration of their stances so they're of actual decent effectiveness, worth their cooldowns?Mechanics that support the pet not dying to cleave?

Really, pick your poison.

~ Kovu

@shadowpass.4236 I'd be quite interested to hear your perspective on this.

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"What could make frontline soulbeast work in wvw?"


  • Blast finisher on Maul (GS #2)
  • Counterattack (GS#4) reworked to be like Shield Stance on warrior
  • Hilt Bash should be an AoE interrupt


  • Ricochet (axe auto) should become a melee autoattack chain with some might stacking
  • Splitblade (axe #2) should become an AoE spinning attack (whirl finisher, of course)
  • Winter's Bite (axe #3) should become a leap on your target that inflicts chill and rip 2 boons on your foe (hits multiple foes if traited with Honed Axes) and leaves a frost field upon impact


  • Path of Scars (axe #4) should be unblockable
  • Movement should be allowed while using Whirling Defense (axe #5)


  • Hunter's Call should become an aoe attack that reveals enemies being hit by hawks. Number of hits decreased from 16 to 8. Damage and vulnerability x hit doubled.


  • Arrow should pierce baseline


  • Traps should become ground targeted (again)
  • Spirits should act like banners - no health, unkillable.
  • Stances should grant their entire duration on allies if traited


  • Need more AoE attacks in general
  • Unflinching Fortitude (Stout Beast skill) should grant its effect on nearby allies aswell
  • Spiritual Reprieve (Supportive Beast skill) cast time should be decreased a bit
  • Worldly Impact (Ferocious Beast skill) should become a ground targeted blast finisher skill
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stronger defensive utility outside of traited survival skills. More reliable condition cleanse in the soulbeast toolkit, either by increasing the strength of bear stance or something else. Soulbeast synergizes well with Beastmastery but thats about it, if we want to play defensive we should have synergy with WS or DPS taking MM and condi taking Skirm. Nature magic has some synergy but it needs to be more focused towards boosting support/boonsharing. The core changes would make Druid more focused as well depending on what traitlines you took.

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