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Please bring back Deborah <3

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Since her appearance is dependent on player choice and/or randomly assigned if you did not choose the “dead sister” origin, I’m not sure how difficult her returning to the story would be programming wise.

But I do think Deborah deserves a bit more attention. She’s either the human PC’s sister, or the commander knows her from chapter 8 of their personal story (in which she worked with you and lost the man she loved to Zhaitan).

It’s just weird to me to know my character has a sister, but apparently I haven’t heard from her in years.

If Lord Faren can be such a prominent reoccurring character in the GW2 canon, originating from the noble human PS, I feel like Debs deserves a chance for more spotlight.

There are a lot of great characters in the PS that disappeared (like Malyck aaahhhdxbktinvkns). I love the story and the characters too muuucchhh.

(Also please don’t pull another Demmi, my heart can’t take it...)

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I wouldn't expect it to happen. There's a lot of characters that Anet has bused and seem to have no intention of ever bringing back, especially those with unresolved problems/conditions/stories.

You're better off just writing your own fan fiction to make it happen rather than waiting on Anet to make a move.

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@"Svennis.3852" said:

@Cyrin.1035 said:Only death can pay for life. One must go so another can return. Braham... your time has come.I will gladly pay that price. x)

Side note: could they update “Elonian Debs” with some of the PoF hair?

Yes, it's time Braham received The Gift.

Valar Morghulis.

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