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Hot Currency farm?

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As stated earlier you are better off getting involved in as many events as possible. Events will give you currency and keys. The chest those keys open will also contain map currency.

Another thing is to get the Nuhoch mastery that gives you hunting pouches (dont remember the actual name). These reward you 5 map currency and randomly drop from random mobs so they can easily stack up from events where you kill a bunch of mobs.

Completing the metas also gives you a chest where one of the rewards in it is a bunch of keys and a nice pay out for map currency.

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VB: do any of the night events. Most can be soloed with "good" builds, except for the bosses. Three people can manage a ton of events, if you can't do them on your own.

AB: As @thehipone.6812 suggested, you can do a circuit around Tarir, hitting all the trivial events. Or do the meta.

TD: do the pre-events in any of the lanes. Generates plenty of currency and keys.

DS: do the meta. Ideally, build up a stash of keys from the Ley-Energy Matter Converter first.

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